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Berlin Students

"It was great to have hands-on experience learning negotiating and mediating with people from around the world."

"Outstanding program. Excellent professors and superior course material."

(Berlin Students, 2016)

Academic Program

"I think this course is applicable to all aspects of life, whether business or personal, and it is useful regardless of the profession."

"The lectures and workshops were greatly beneficial in learning about mediation, negotiation and arbitration. The workshops and simulations particularly helped me learn about these subjects and put myself in the place of an ADR professional."

(Berlin Students, 2014)

My time studying international mediation, negotiation, and arbitration in Berlin was invaluable.  The program was thoughtfully created and executed, and the professors were not only accomplished practitioners, but also gifted teachers.  I especially appreciated the mix of theoretical discussions and practical applications as well as the diverse student body.  Berlin, and especially Humboldt University, was a fascinating place to study.  I would highly recommend this program to others.  

(Vanessa Rodriguez, Berlin '11, Tulane Law School '13)

"[The thing I liked the most was the] broad spectrum of all views on Negotiation and Mediation."

"The benefit was found in the hands-on exercises with students from all over the world. The courses were well designed..."

"[The part I liked the most was the] hands-on small-group work."

(Berlin Students, 2013)

Program Recommendations

"The practical exercises were very helpful and insightful; especially the deconstruction after each session."

"I enjoyed meeting and talking to students from around thew world - I definitely benefited from that. I also look forward to implementing some of the skills I learned."

(Berlin Students, 2013) 

"It was a very beneficial topic and I feel I have already begun to see benefits of the program."

"I would strongly recommend this program to other students and practitioners, because this program provides a very good base and a lot of information on dispute settlement. The above program provided me with new opportunities for future, since it dealt with alternative dispute resolution in practice. The program put me in the right direction as regards to my professional choices and expanded the fields of academic interest that I should be aware about in the future. The list provided me a good communication list for any future contact."

(Berlin Students, 2010) 

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