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9th Annual Tulane Environmental Conference, April 2 & 3, Tulane University Law School

March 11, 2004

This year’s Tulane Environmental Conference takes place on April 2 & 3 at Tulane University Law School. As always, the conference includes informative lectures and panel discussions on a variety of  topics.

The keynote address will be delivered on April 3 at 5:30 p.m. by David Bookbinder on “The White House Energy Policy & the Veil of Secrecy.”  Bookbinder is the senior attorney in the Sierra Club' s case against Vice President Dick Cheney and the Energy Task Force under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which seeks an accounting of energy industry participation in crafting the Bush Administration's energy policy.

The program features two special presentations: a panel discussion on  Environmental Justice in Louisiana, on April 2 at 6:00 p.m. and a lecture entitled “Multilateral Treaties and Takings: Does NAFTA’s Expropriation Chapter Violate the Constitution,” delivered by John Echeverria of the Georgetown Environmental Law and Policy Institute on April 3 at 12:30.

Local and national academic specialists and professionals will participate in panel discussions on issues of interest to the local environmental community, including:

Federal Environmental Law Update -W’s "Other" War: The Clean Air Act, The Transportation Bill, and the Tauzin Bill.

Tort Reform and Toxics - Private Remedies and Toxic Torts, Transboundary Toxics and Corporate Liability.

Gulf Coast Futures - Endangered Species and the ESA,Louisiana’s Coast & the Restoration Plan, and Marine Reserves.

Urban Eco-nomics - Economic Instruments and Urban Development, Greening Urban Landscapes, Urban Land Use and Smart Growth.

The Climate Conundrum-National Policy in the Breakdown Lane, and Local and Private Policy Alternatives.

To register for the conference, call the Tulane Institute for Environmental Law at 504-8827, email: enlaw@law.tulane.edu , or visit web.law.tulane.edu/enlaw .


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