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Jeopardy! spotlights Tulane Law pro bono

November 05, 2014

 See the video clip here

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TLC 1114 JeopardyAnswer400

The Oct. 29 Jeopardy! episode highlighted Tulane’s distinction as the first law school to require pro bono work for graduation.

Screenshots courtesy of Jeopardy! 

“The Long Arm of the Law School” for $600, please, Alex. 

The answer is: “Tulane was the USA’s first law school to require this Latin-named work as a condition of graduation.” 

The right question, of course, is “What is pro bono?”

Alas, the Jeopardy! contestants on Oct. 29 didn’t get any closer to the right answer than “What is a dissertation?”

But Tulane was a winner nonetheless, getting a spotlight along with the Harvards and Stanfords of the legal education world.

Tulane Law broke ground in 1988 by requiring students to complete pro bono service to graduate. Now, its example has been followed by about a quarter of the nation’s law schools, and New York recently became the first state to require pro bono service hours for admission to the bar.

The vast majority of Tulane students volunteer more than the 30 hours required. Members of the Class of 2014 reported more than 26,500 hours of pro bono service during law school. Some students each donated more than 500 hours across three years. 

For those wondering, these were the other questions and answers under the category “The Long Arm of the Law School”:  


Clue: Maybe this oldest Ivy League law school can teach you to beat a ticket if you illegally pahk ya cah in its yahd.

Question: What is Harvard?


Clue: Its law school is named for Utah native J. Reuben Clark, who rose to high posts in the State and Justice departments.

Question: What is Brigham Young?


Clue: White House Counsels John Dean & Kathryn Ruemmler went to this law school not far from Pennsylvania Ave.

Question: What is Georgetown?


Clue: “California Coast: Science, Policy and Law” can be of local interest at this U. whose campus is known as “The Farm.”

Question: What is Stanford?


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