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One of the enjoyable parts of attending law school at Tulane is the opportunity to see every day the character and charm of the architecture and--as a bonus--even live in it.  On-campus housing is available (and is described below), but most law students find it as convenient and congenial to locate off-campus housing in any number of nearby neighborhoods--in apartment buildings, mansions, carriage houses, shotguns, and camelbacks.

Housing & Transportation

The Tulane campus is situated in a delightful residential neighborhood full of large old homes and numerous shops and restaurants. There are many apartments available in the immediate area between St. Charles Ave & S. Claiborne Ave and S. Carrollton Ave & Jefferson Ave, as well as in other neighborhoods such as the Garden District. The best strategy for first-year students is to visit New Orleans in the summer to become familiar with the city and put down a deposit on an apartment.

The Law School assists incoming students in finding housing in a number of ways. Through its dedicated website for incoming students, the Office of Admission maintains lists of students who have apartments but need roommates, students who need both apartments and roommates, and local landlords who have apartments available. The School also provides general information about apartment-hunting in New Orleans. Admission Office staff are always available to offer advice and respond to questions about finding housing. 

In addition, the Tulane University Housing & Residence Life Office provides a Graduate Housing web site.

Public Transportation, Parking, and Bicycles

If you live on or near St. Charles Avenue, the streetcar is a convenient method of travel from Tulane to Canal Street and the various points in between. There are also a number of bus lines within the city that can efficiently take you from one place to another.  For additional information about public transportation, see www.norta.com.

Many students either live within walking or bicycling distance of the campus and/or have automobiles. One can quite easily live without an automobile in New Orleans. 

For students who do wish to drive to campus, parking permits can be purchased in the Office of Traffic Control in the Collins C. Diboll Complex. All-day parking permits are $520 per year. Evening permits are $150 per year, allowing on-campus parking after 3:00 p.m.

The University also offers off-site parking free of charge, with a continuously running shuttle bus.  The shuttle bus route takes about 5 minutes from the parking area to the stop closest to the Law School building.

Bicycles are strongly encouraged (the city is flat!), but have obvious drawbacks in the rain.  See the Transportation page of the green.tulane.edu web site for more information from Tulane's bicycle-riding community.

Shuttle Services

Tulane University provides a variety of shuttles, including between the uptown and health sciences center campuses, between University Square (where free parking is available) and the uptown campus, an evening shuttle service within a one-mile radius of campus, as well as a weekend shopping and entertainment shuttle.  Compete schedules are available on the Shuttles & Transportation page of the University's website, or shuttles.tulane.edu.

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