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Tulane Law School

Paris, France

June 25-July 13, 2017

Tulane-Paris Institute of European Legal Studies



Students who join us next summer will have the opportunity to attend courses taught by a faculty of internationally renowned experts on French and European law. You will be joining the prestigious Tulane-Paris Institute of European Legal Studies and our host, Paris-Dauphine University, which is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Our Institute is the oldest, continuously running American program in France, and Paris is the world’s most beautiful city and the cultural and intellectual heart of Europe. It is also the spiritual home of the civil law.

Tulane University Law School, with its roots deep in the Napoleonic law, is particularly at home in the capital of France. Since its founding in 1847, Tulane has been precursor and pioneer in the field of comparative law. Our program in Paris has a practical aim: to ready our students for transnational practice in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. The Institute’s courses in international and comparative studies reflect the global dimension of today’s legal problems. The Institute is hosted by Paris-Dauphine University, one of the great universities of Europe. You will have classes with law students from around the United States, and you will be joined by specially qualified students from other European universities. Our program also takes advantage of the unique cultural riches of Paris. You will visit the French Supreme Court, the National Assembly and world-famous museums. For U.S. students who speak French functionally or fluently, we offer a limited number of internships at law firms in Paris. All students who successfully complete at least three credits will receive the Institute's Diploma.

In closing, if you need assistance or have further questions about this exciting program, please contact our program coordinator, Ingrid S. Caro-Cobb, at or by phone (504) 865 5990.

Professor Palmer

Program Director:

Vernon Valentine Palmer
Thomas Pickles Professor of Law, and Co-Director of The Eason Weinmann Center for Comparative Law Secretary: Sharon Stevenson, tel. (504) 865 5925, email  

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PARIS, please contact Ingrid S. Caro-Cobb at or 504-865-5990.

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