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Student Reviews
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Program Recommendations

“I definitely would and will [recommend the summer program] to anyone looking for a two and a half weeks in Rhodes simultaneously taking classes with some of the most respectful and designated professors in the maritime field. I really enjoyed being part of it!”

“The summer housing accommodations were great. The hotel staff were very helpful & friendly. The Sheraton is conveniently located with quality service.”

"Rhodes is beautiful, I never would have thought to come here and I have learned so much from these professors.”

“Everything was very efficient and everyone was very helpful – from the university officials to the hotel staff.”

"Professor Handl went out of his way to arrange an internship for me near the conclusion of the program. He went above and beyond, and as a result I was able to complete a fantastic internship and gain more practical knowledge to complement what I learned during the program."

"The professors were extremely helpful with practical advice for the industry. the material was stimulating and well chosen."

(Rhodes Students, 2014)

"My favorite thing about the program is interacting with the faculty. They have a wealth of knowledge and are genuinely interested in the students' success as maritime lawyers. The administrative staff is truly connected to the host country and their love of Greece is shared among the students."

"I would recommend it to people who are interested in maritime law and international programs."

(Rhodes Students, 2013)

"I absolutely would recommend to any law student regardless of their career goals/interest in admiralty. It was an unforgettable experience."

(Rhodes Student, 2012)

"Absolutely. The professors are outstanding and the experience fantastic. It has also helped me to meet many of my fellow classmates".

(Rhodes Student, 2011)

"The quality of teaching and materials was very high and the program was a lot of fun."

"Efficient teaching, beautiful island, friendly faculty."

"Definitely. In-depth understanding in short time".

(Rhodes Students, 2010)

Why did you choose this program?

"I am interested in maritime law and I was given the opportunity to be taught by excellent professors/lawyers/judges with great experience in this field."

(Rhodes Student, 2013)

Comments on the Courses Offered
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"The courses were excellent. Handl and Dodson are experts in their field and fascinating to listen to. Justice Watson taught me a lot for being prepared to speak in front of a judge in a courtroom. All the professors made a huge effort to make the classes interesting, informative and engaging and to get to know us."

(Rhodes Student, 2013)

"All different approaches and very effective. The learning environment is preferable to a regular semester class because of the smaller class size, increased opportunities for interaction, accessibility to professors, and materials covered. All factors increase learning curve for the students. Attending faculty have a fresh perspective combined with wisdom of practice."

(Rhodes Student, 2010)

Comments on Program Administration

"The director and the administration group was available all the time and really helpful."

(Rhodes Student, 2012)

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