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Graduate legal education is a significant aspect of Tulane Law School. Tulane has a unique tradition in civil, comparative, and international law, as well as special expertise in maritime law and in energy and environmental law. As a result, students and scholars come from all over the world to study at Tulane and to experience life in New Orleans, one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the United States.

Graduate Study - the LL.M. and S.J.D. Programs

Graduate Studies Overview
Graduate Studies Brochure cover
Graduate Studies Brochure
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LLM Programs
One-year programs leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LLM) are offered to eligible candidates already holding the first law degree (JD or LLB or equivalent). The General LLM and four specialized LLM programs are offered: in Admiralty, in American Law, in Energy and Environmental Law, and in International and Comparative Law. Tulane typically receives 300 applications for 50 places in the various LLM programs.

Each of the LLM programs requires two full-time semesters in residence and satisfactory completion of 24 semester hours. Although there is no thesis requirement, degree candidates are required to write at least one paper in connection with a seminar in their field of interest or in fulfillment of a directed research project.

Admission to the LLM programs is limited to those students who have obtained the JD or equivalent degree from a US law school, or the first (basic) law degree from a non-US law school approved by Tulane's Committee on Graduate Admission. The candidate for admission must present a law school record displaying superior scholarly aptitude or must otherwise demonstrate the ability to excel in postgraduate legal studies.

Tulane Law School: The Video
Tulane and New Orleans: The Video
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For LLM application materials, please click here.

International Students' Eligibility to Take State Bar Exams in the US 
Many international students who attend our LLM program are interested in taking a US bar exam.  Each state in the US has its own eligibility requirements, and prospective students are urged to check eligibility requirements at www.ncbex.org.  Many Tulane LLM students work toward eligibility to take the New York or Louisiana bar exam.

Recently, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that foreign lawyers may take the Louisiana bar exam so long as they (1) are authorized to work lawfully in the United States, (2) have completed legal training recognized as equivalent to the JD, and (3) have successfully completed a minimum of 14 credits from a US law school in core legal subjects.  Our LLM students are able to meet the latter requirement through their selection of courses at Tulane.

For graduates of Tulane's LLM program who wish to fulfill the coursework eligibility requirements of the Louisiana bar, the Law School offers the opportunity to enroll in up to 14 credits over one or two semesters at a reduced tuition rate.  All courses are taught on an in-person basis; we do not offer a distance-learning alternative. Graduates wishing to pursue this opportunity should complete and submit this form

SJD Program
Tulane Law School also offers the Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) to a small number of candidates who already hold the LLM as well as the first law degree (JD or LLB or equivalent). The SJD is a research-oriented degree requiring completion of a dissertation which makes an original and significant contribution to legal scholarship.

Upon admitting a candidate to the SJD program, the Graduate Committee creates an individualized program for the candidate, who spends at least one semester (normally the first semester of enrollment) in residence at Tulane Law School, undertaking between 10 and 12 credits of coursework.  It is expected that the final SJD dissertation will be submitted within four years after initial enrollment in the SJD program. 

                                                                            For SJD application materials, please click here.


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