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Collaborative Research

The Center provides a natural meeting point and a platform for a variety of collaborative research activities in all areas of foreign, comparative, international, and transnational law. Current projects include issues of global legal governance, the reform of Louisiana private law, and the effect of human rights protection on private relationships.

Frankfurt-Tulane Project on Extraterritoriality

A team of experts drawn mainly from the ranks of Frankfurt's Goethe University and Tulane Law School is currently exploring the nature of transnational legal authority. The project, led by Joachim Zekoll New Window Icon (Frankfurt) and Günther Handl New Window Icon (Tulane), seeks to identify and chart contemporary changes in global legal governance. Individual contributions discuss the basic concepts and historical development of extraterritoriality, the extraterritorial reach of territorial sovereignty, legal transplants, real and virtual extraterritorial spaces, 'functional' normative regimes which exist beyond state authority, and new forms of governance that are today emerging from the traditional state-based systems of law.

Participants and Contributions | Photos

Revision of the Louisiana Civil Code

la civil code
The Eason Weinmann Center is organising a series of colloquia to discuss recent revisions of the Louisiana Civil Code. The aim is to identify problems and issues of substantive law, coherence, terminology, or policy that past reforms of the Code may have failed to address. The results of the project, headed by Vernon PalmerNew Window Icon will be published in the form of a White Paper and submitted to the Louisiana Law Institute and the State Legislature for further consideration.

The first meeting of the group took place at Tulane Law School on 20 November, 2009. See the list of topics.

Human Rights and Private Law

human rights public sphere
Jörg Fedtke New Window Icon and Dawn Oliver New Window Icon of University College London have teamed up for a sequel to Human Rights and the Private Sphere. A Comparative Study New Window Icon (Routledge Cavendish, 2007). The main objective of the project is to assess the extent to which human rights thinking has moved beyond traditional state-individual disputes and affects relationships between private parties in various legal systems. The new team of collaborators includes leading public and private lawyers from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. The project will also try to determine how legal ideas have moved from one part of the globe to another, whether recently enacted constitutions address the issue, and to what extent human rights place effective limits on the activities of multi-national enterprises.

Reviews of the first volume of the study:
Harvard Law Review  | NUJS Law Review 

Participants | Group Site - [Members Only] 

Immaterial Damages in European Contract Law

Vernon Palmer is currently setting up an international study group which will focus on immaterial damages in European contract law. The project, which will require two to three years of research, brings together a large multinational team of scholars from France, Germany, England, Bulgaria, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Austria, and Scandanavia in order to study and compare the awards of damages for pain and suffering and other forms of 'moral' damages.


Mixed Jurisdictions of the World

Scholars from Scotland, Israel, Puerto Rico, Quebec, South Africa, the Philippines, Cameroon, and Louisiana will be engaged in collaborative research and writing on various aspects of mixed jurisdictions over the next two years. The project is headed by Vernon Palmer.

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