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The faculty members of Tulane Law School have unusually rich and diverse academic backgrounds, enabling them to offer a curriculum that encompasses the broadest range of subject matter.  As important as their commitment to teaching is their commitment to ongoing scholarship.  Members of the faculty regularly publish books (including edited volumes), law review articles, and countless chapters in books, reports, essays, and book reviews.

Forty-two full-time, tenure-track professors teach at the Law School. In addition, clinical and legal writing instructors work with our students, as do visiting faculty from law schools in the US and abroad. Our part-time faculty, numbering close to 90, includes prominent federal and state court judges and attorneys practicing in the New Orleans area who teach semester-long advanced courses in their fields of expertise. In addition, some 60 experienced trial attorneys and judges work closely with small groups of students in our intensive Trial Advocacy course each semester.

Faculty Profiles
Adeno Addis
Adam Babich
Paul Barron
Lucia Blacksher Ranier  
Samuel T. Brandao
Jeremy W. Bock
Tina Boudreaux
Elizabeth Calderon  
Jeanne Carriere
Alan Childress
Martin Davies
Mark Davis
Onnig Dombalagian
Erin Donelon
James E. Duggan
Jörg Fedtke
Adam Feibelman
Gabe Feldman
Michael Fitts
Robert Force
Joel Friedman
Hoffman Franklin Fuller  
Amy Gajda
James Gordley
Stephen Griffin
Machelle Lee Hall  
Catherine Hancock
Günther Handl
Laila Hlass
Janet Hoeffel
Oliver Houck
Hisaei “Chuck” Ito
Kristin Johnson
Lisa Jordan
Hao Jiang
David Katner
Becki Kondkar
Marjorie E. Kornhauser
Herbert Larson
Ann M. Lipton
William Anthony Lovett  
Saru Matambanadzo
Katherine Mattes 
Timothy McEvoy
David D. Meyer
Sheila Myers
Nadav Orian Peer  
Vernon Palmer
Sally Brown Richardson
Michael Sackey
Cynthia Ann Samuel  
Ronald Scalise
Stacy Seicshnaydre
Edward Sherman
George Strickler
Kim Talus  
Tania Tetlow
Elizabeth Townsend-Gard
Corinne Van Dalen  
Guiguo Wang
Keith Werhan
Mark Wessman
Robert Westley
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