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Edward F. Sherman

David Boies Distinguished Chair in Law Emeritus
AB, 1959, Georgetown University; MA, 1962, MA, 1967, University of Texas at El Paso; LLB, 1962, SJD, 1981, Harvard University

E-mail:  esherman@tulane.edu
Telephone:  504.865.5979
Office:  Weinmann Hall, Room 216-G


Edward Sherman is an authority on complex litigation and civil trials, a pioneer on Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques (negotiation and mediation) and arbitration, and he teaches Military Law.
He joined Tulane Law School as Dean in 1996, serving until 2001. He previously had spent 19 years on the University of Texas School of Law faculty. He also has taught at Harvard Law School, Indiana University School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, Stanford Law School, University of London, Chuo University School of Law in Tokyo and University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Sherman is co-author of casebooks on civil procedure, complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution that are used in law schools around the country, plus some 100 articles that have made important contributions to those fields.

He has been chair or reporter for several American Bar Association task forces, including Civil Justice Improvements, Class Actions, Asbestos Litigation, Offer of Judgment & Loser Pays Rules, Disaster Insurance Coverage and Federal Preemption. The ABA awarded him its 2004 Dean Robert McKay Award “in recognition of a law professor’s commitment to the advancement of justice, scholarship and the legal profession” and a 2008 Special Achievement Award for contributions to ABA conferences on understanding and improving class actions.

Sherman has served as a litigator, expert witness or amicus in ground-breaking cases involving mass torts and jurisdiction over foreign corporations, and the constitutional rights of academics and students, military and citizens for such organizations as the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), American Civil Liberties Union, the State Bar of Texas and the Louisiana State Bar Association.
He was a principal drafter of the Texas and Louisiana mediation statutes and the Republic of Vietnam’s Code of Civil Procedure through a USAID project. He also has been general counsel of the AAUP and Texas Civil Liberties Union.

Spring 2015 - Alternative Dispute Resolution; Jurisprudence, Legal Profession & Law


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