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Recruiting Student Leaders: JTIP seeks the top students of each class to join its membership. Students who wish to join must be able to fulfill the demands of class work and journal responsibilities simultaneously, and must also be outstanding legal writers. The journal chooses its junior membership by holding a write-on competition during the summer work period and the start of each fall semester. The senior board is comprised of the student leaders of the third-year class as voted on by the entire journal membership. All junior and senior members are directly involved in the publishing process, through which they gain further legal research and writing experience. The journal's demands require all members to be fluent in the rapidly expanding related body of law. This puts them in an ideal position to foster knowledge of technology and intellectual property among Tulane's general student body and the community-at-large through their volunteer and fund-raising work.



Faculty Advisors  

Elizabeth Townsend-Gard 

Publication Supervisor

Kristy Christiansen

Publication Assistants 

Sarah Eastly  

Samantha Foster  




Volume 18 Volume 17
Volume 16 Volume 15
Volume 14      Volume 13
Volume 12      Volume 11
Volume 10 Volume 9
Volume 8      Volume 7
Volume 6 Volume 5
Volume 4 Volume 3
Volume 2 Volume 1


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