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Economic Espionage and Theft of Trade Secrets:  The Case for a Federal Cause of ActionKelley Clements Keller & Brian M.Z. Reece. 

The Income of the Twenty-First Century:  Online Advertising as a Case Study for the Implications of Technology for Source-Based TaxationAssaf Y. Prussak.

Contesting Monsanto’s Patents on Life:  Transnational Juridical Dialogue and the Influence of the European Court of Justice on Soybean- Exporting CountriesMarcelo Dias Varella & Maria Edelvacy Pinto Marinho. 

New Law on Reverse Payment Settlements—The Agenda for Courts and the Legislature After the Supreme Court’s Actavis RulingPeter Picht.

Will the JOBS Act Jump-Start the Video Game Industry?  Crowdfunding Start-Up CapitalVan S. Wiltz.



Endermen, Creepers, and Copyright:  The Bogeymen of User-Generated Content in MinecraftMelinda J. Schlinsog.

Exhibit Facebook:  The Discoverability and Admissibility of Social Media EvidenceEmma W. Sholl.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:  A Prosecutor’s Dream and a Hacker’s Worst Nightmare— The Case Against Aaron Swartz and the Need To Reform the CFAASarah A. Constant.

Fractured:  How a Circuit Split in Natural Gas Intellectual Property Law Puts the Environment at RiskElliot Singer.

The View from the Crossroads:  The European Union’s New Data Rules and the Future of U.S. Privacy LawAlessandra Suuberg.



“A Million Little Antennas:” The Second Circuit’s Decision in WNET, Thirteen v. Aereo, Inc., and the Next Great United States Supreme Court Copyright BattleSebastian Wyatt Novak.

It’s De Minimis, but Wait! It’s Also Fair Use:  Faulkner v. Sony Pictures and Why Courts Should Focus on Developing the De Minimis Doctrine To Streamline Copyright Infringement AnalysisCaroline Hewitt Fischer.

How the Fair Use Doctrine Is an Integral Part of the Copyright Act:  The Ninth Circuit’s Examination of the Factors for Meritorious Fair Use in SOFA Entertainment, Inc. v. Dodger Productions, Inc.Shane Exon




"iPatent":  Errors in the Patent Invalidation Standards in Apple v. Samsung, Daniel Bruce Blackburn

You May Reap What You Sow, but Only Once: How One Farmer’s Alleged Loophole May Alter the Scope of the Doctrine of Exhaustion in Monsanto v. Bowman, Brooke M. Bacuetes

Maker’s Mark v. Diageo:How Jose Cuervo Made Its Markwith the Infamous Dripping Red Wax Seal, Jillian Beth Bargar

Are "Limited Times" Truly Limited?:The Supreme Court Rules Removing Works from the Public Domain Is Lawful in Golan v. Holder, Lauren Peralta 

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