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General LLM Program

The General LLM program allows students to design their own courses of study. General LLM students may enroll in virtually any course, with the general exception of clinical programs and Trial Advocacy. Some students pursue a broad range of courses, and others focus their choices more narrowly.

General Survey
Many international students use the General LLM program as a way to gain exposure to a variety of areas of US law. They may choose to enroll in a combination of introductory and more advanced courses in a variety of areas. Because the typical first-year courses are open to our graduate students, some choose to take such courses as Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Property.

Students find that the General LLM program lends itself to the development of ad hoc concentrations. For example, students interested in Intellectual Property might take Copyright, Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Unfair Competition, Patent Prosecution and Litigation, one or more specialized courses in the area, a Directed Research project supervised by a faculty member who is an expert in the area, and even one or two unrelated courses.
Students interested in international trade might take such courses as: International Trade, Finance & Banking; Financial Institutions; International Tax; International Business Transactions; and a variety of related courses. Students may even find it possible to concentrate in two areas through the General LLM program. Because the General LLM program has no distribution requirements, students are free to make independent choices about the courses in which they enroll.

Summer Abroad Option
Students who enroll in an LLM program have the option to participate in a Tulane Summer Abroad program prior to the start of their fall program. Students will earn 3 credits towards their LLM degree and receive waived tuition. Students are responsible for all travel and housing costs.