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Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson

Selected Publications

  • CrytoTrading Platforms University of Chicago Law Review Online  (2019) (forthcoming).
  • Balancing Scholarship, Teaching and Service to Succeed on the Tenure Track – A Workshop for Pretenure Colleagues and Faculty Aspirants, Journal of Legal Education (Forthcoming 2019)
  • Examining the Use of Alternative Data in Underwriting and Credit Scoring to Expand Access to Credit, 116th Cong. ___ (2019) (written testimony submitted to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence Task Force, Thursday, July 25, 2019), available here.
  • Digital Debt, 87 George Washington Law Review (Forthcoming 2019) (invited symposium)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Bias in Finance: Toward Responsible Innovation, 88 Fordham Law Review 499 (2019)(co-authored with Frank Pasquale and Jennifer Smith Chapman)
  • (Im)Perfect Regulation: Virtual Currency and Other Digital Assets as Collateral, 21 SMU SCI. & TECH. L. REV. 115 (2019) (invited symposium)
  • Regulating Innovation: High Frequency Trading in Dark Pools, 42 Journal of Corporation Law 833 (2017) (invited symposium)
  •  Banking On Diversity: Does Gender Diversity Improve Financial Firms’ Risk Oversight, 70 SMU L. REV. 327 (2017)
  • Cyber Risks: Emerging Risk Management Concerns for Financial Institutions, 50 Georgia Law Review 131 (2015)
  • Governing Financial Markets: Regulating Conflicts, 88 Washington Law Review 185 (2013)
  • Macroprudential Regulation: A Sustainable Approach to Regulating Financial Markets, 2013 University of Illinois Law Review 881 (2013), (invited symposium), reprinted in the SECURITIES LAW REVIEW (2014)
  • Things Fall Apart: Regulating Credit Default Swaps, 82 University of Colorado Law Review 167 (2011) 
  • Resolving the Title VII Partner-Employee Debate, 101 Michigan Law Review 1067 (2003)

General Publications 

  • Addressing Gaps in The Dodd-Frank Act: Directors’ Risk Management Oversight Obligations, 45 U. MICH. J. L. REF. 55 (2011)
  • Diversifying To Mitigate Risk: Can Dodd-Frank Section 342 Help Stabilize the Financial Sector?, 73 WASH. & LEE L. REV.1795 (2016)  (co-authored with Steven Ramirez and Cary Martin Shelby)
  • Managing Cyber Risks, 50 GA. L. REV. 547 (2016) (invited symposium)
  • New Guiding Principles: Macroprudential Solutions To Risk Management Oversight and Systemic Risk Concerns, 11 U. St. Thomas L. J. 386 (2014) (invited symposium co-authored with Steven Ramirez)