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Joel Wm. Friedman
Joel Friedman

Selected Publications

“The Legal, Political, and Religious Legacy of an Extended Jewish Family,” 18 Southern Jewish History 63 (2015)

“The Impact of the Election of a Mixed-Race President on Civil Rights Enforcement”, 87 Ind.L.J. 349 (2012)

“Gender Nonconformity and the Unfulfilled Promise of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins,” 14 Duke J. Gend.L. & Pol. 205 (2007)

“Desegregating The South: John Minor Wisdom’s Role in Enforcing Brown’s Mandate,” 78 Tul.L.Rev. 2207 (2004)

“The Emergence of John Minor Wisdom as Intellectual Leader of the Fifth Circuit: Reflecting Back on the Forty-Fifth Anniversary of His Joining the Court,77 Tul.L.Rev. 915 (2003)

“John Minor Wisdom,” Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives (2001)

“John Minor Wisdom, The Noblest Tulanian of them All,” 74 Tulane Law Rev. 1 (1999) “John Minor Wisdom,” Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (1999)

A Look Back at the Tulane Law School of John Minor Wisdom’s Era,” 70 Tulane Law Review 2091 (1996)

Judge Wisdom And The 1952 Republican National Convention: Ensuring Victory For Eisenhower And A Two-Party System For Louisiana,53 Washington & Lee Law Review 33(1996)

“John Minor Wisdom’s Battle Against The Political Bosses To Create A Two-Party System In Louisiana,69 Tulane Law Review 1439 (1995)

Affirmative Action--The American Experience,1 Labour Law News & Court Reports (South Africa) #10 (1992)

Rethinking Equality In American Antisdiscrimination Law,8 Waseda (Japan) Bulletin Of Comparative Law 1 (1989)

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Constitutional Equality and Affirmative Action In Employment: A Search For Standards,1986 Det. C. of L. Rev. 1113 (1986)(solicited for symposium)

Redefining Equality, Discrimination and Affirmative Action Under Title VII: The Access Principle,65 Texas L.Rev. 41 (1986)

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Fair Employment Legislation In Louisiana: A Critique of the 1983 Act,58 Tulane L.Rev. 444 (1983)

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The Burger Court and the Prima Facie Case In Employment Discrimination Litigation,65 Cornell L.Rev. 1 (1979)

Constitutional and Statutory Challenges to Discrimination In Employment Based On Sexual Orientation,64 Iowa L. Rev. 527 (1979)

Individual Rights In Grievance Arbitration, 27 Arb. J. 252 (1972) 


The Law of Employment Discrimination: Cases & Materials, 10th edition (Foundation Press 2015)

Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure, 4d ed. (Thomson/West 2013) (with M. Collins)

Employment Discrimination: Examples & Explanations (3d edition, Aspen 2015)

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Champion of Civil Rights: Judge John Minor Wisdom (LSU Press 2008)

Employment Discrimination Stories, Foundation Press (2006) (Friedman, J., ed.)