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Carla Laroche

Selected Publications

Carla Laroche, Black Women & Voter Suppression, 102 Boston University Law Review 2431 (2022).

Carla Laroche, The New Jim and Jane Crow Intersect: Challenges to Defending the Parental Rights of Mothers During Incarceration, 12 Columbia Journal of Race & Law 517 (2022).

Decriminalizing Black Women’s Vote (work-in-progress)

Parenting Decisions as Criminal Violations (work-in-progress)

Books and Book Chapters

Carla Laroche et al., Sexual Assault Proceedings on College Campuses: Current Issues, in The State of Criminal Justice 2017 (Mark E. Wojcik ed., 2017).

Carla Laroche et al., Double Sentence: The Consequences Incarcerated Mothers Face and the Impact on Their Children, in The State of Criminal Justice 2016, 207 (Mark E. Wojcik ed., 2016).

Other Legal Writing

Carla Laroche & Janet Garcia-Hallett, Protect the Abortion Rights of People in Prison Too, Ms. Magazine, Dec. 20, 2022.

Carla Laroche, No Sentencing Enhancements for Recklessness Convictions under Federal Armed Career Criminal Act, SCOTUSblog, June 23, 2021.

Carla Laroche, Love Letters to Small Businesses: The Baker Who Offers Delicious Cakes and a Sense of Home Every Time I Enter, New York Times, Feb. 13, 2021.

Carla Laroche, Argument Analysis: Justices Consider Whether Crimes of Recklessness Require Longer Sentences under Armed Career Criminal Act, SCOTUSblog, Nov. 8, 2020.

Carla Laroche, Case preview: Does “Use of Physical Force” Include a Mens Rea of Recklessness?, SCOTUSblog, Nov. 2, 2020.

Carla Laroche, Black Women’s Voting Rights Silenced Yet Again, Tampa Bay Times, Aug. 2020.

Carla Laroche & Tina Luongo, Women in Criminal Justice Task Force Launches, in ABA Criminal Justice Magazine (Apr. 2019).

Carla Laroche, Why a YouTube Video Continues to Affect Your Access to Online Banking, Lexology, Apr. 17, 2013.

Carla Laroche et al., A Brave New World for Bank Regulation, Law360, Mar. 2013.

Carla Laroche & Kevin Petrasic, Considerations for Commenting on CARD Act’s Impact, Law360, Jan. 2013.

Carla Laroche & Kevin Petrasic, CFPB Seeks Comment on Policy to Encourage Trial Consumer Disclosure Programs, Stay Current: A Client Alert from Paul Hastings, Dec. 2012.

Carla Laroche & Kevin Petrasic, CFPB Ombudsman Annual Report Highlights Consumer Complaint Process, CFPB Enforcement Attorneys at Exams, Stay Current: A Client Alert from Paul Hastings, Dec. 2012.