About Us

Tulane Law School is the nation’s 12th oldest law school, and yet is anything but stodgy.  From its founding in 1847, Tulane has always prided itself as a place of intense creativity and innovation in the study of law.

Its location in Louisiana, the country’s sole civil-law jurisdiction, gives Tulane a distinctive understanding of the interaction of different legal systems and is the foundation for Tulane’s world-renowned strength in international and comparative law.  The unique exposure our students gain to both the common law of the Anglo-American tradition and the civil-law systems that dominate the rest of the globe is an increasingly powerful advantage in a world in which business, governance, and law practice are increasingly transnational.

The distinctively global perspective of Tulane Law is enlivened by a student body drawn from approximately 25 countries, by Tulane-led academic programs in a half-dozen countries abroad, and by an international faculty whose scholarly distinction ranges from advising on constitutional design in Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia, and legal barriers to Russian gas pipelines to Europe, to intercultural negotiation of legal and political conflicts.

Yet, Tulane Law pairs that global perspective with a deep commitment to its own community and to equipping students with the practical skills and judgment they need to make a difference in their careers.  The first law school in the nation to require pro bono service of all students, Tulane is a leader in preparing students for practice through service to others.

An early leader in clinical legal education, Tulane Law offers eight live-client clinics, including our two newest, an Immigrant Rights Clinic and a First Amendment Clinic. We also offer students a growing array of creative experiential learning opportunities—including an intensive, one-week simulation of law practice through a Lawyering Skills Boot Camp, a Business Literacy Boot Camp for 1L students, and externships across the globe. We also offer a state-of-the-art Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law program for human resource professionals.

This distinctive approach to legal education, both global in outlook and grounded through professional skills training in service to our own community, prepares Tulane Law alumni for leadership in their careers wherever their passions take them.