Mission and Vision

Consistent with our distinctive heritage and historic strengths, we seek to invest students with a sophisticated understanding of law in a global context, while simultaneously imparting the understanding of professionalism, legal ethics and lawyering skills necessary to serve clients and the broader society.

We further seek to develop and clarify the law through distinguished scholarship and to serve the community by advancing the fundamental values of diversity, justice, and the rule of law.

Tulane Law School seeks to be a distinctive and distinguished national school with a strong international and comparative focus.

We aspire to be a nationally and internationally recognized center of scholarly excellence. We are committed to producing outstanding and innovative scholarship and to providing an environment that advances scholarly discussion and debate. To this end, we will show unwavering commitment to support our faculty's intellectual goals.

At the same time, Tulane Law School will encourage its faculty to maintain its commitment to excellent teaching. It will support programs, initiatives and innovations that will serve to further enhance the faculty's performance as teachers.

Tulane Law School will continue to draw a diverse group of students from all over the United States and the world. We strive to make Tulane Law School an exciting center of learning for all of our students. We will provide our students with a versatile education in a stimulating environment that will enhance their professional development.

Tulane Law School will take advantage of its location in a city that is a hub of international trade and culture. We will concentrate on specializations that draw on our strengths, as well as remain open to specializations in areas of emerging strengths.

As the first law school in the nation to incorporate a public service requirement into its curriculum, Tulane Law School will remain at the forefront of public service in the unique city of New Orleans, the nation, and the world. We strive to be a multicultural, multi-ethnic, tolerant and inclusive community, providing leadership in many different walks of life.