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Full Time

W.R. Irby Chair and W. Ray Forrester Professor of Public and Constitutional Law
Adam Babich
Professor of Law
Lucia Blacksher Ranier
Professor of the Practice
Charles E. Lugenbuhl Associate Professor of Law
Senior Professor of the Practice
Samuel T. Brandao
Clinical Instructor, Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic
Murphy Visiting Assistant Professor
Clinical Instructor
Alan Childress
Conrad Meyer III Professor of Civil Procedure
Martin Davies
Admiralty Law Institute Professor of Maritime Law
George Denègre Professor of Law
Senior Professor of the Practice
James E.Duggan
Associate Professor of Law
Clinical Instructor, Domestic Violence Clinic
Jorg Fedtke
A.N. Yiannopoulos Professor in Comparative Law
Adam Feibelman
Sumter Davis Marks Professor of Law
Sher Garner Associate Professor of Sports Law and Paul and Abram B. Barron Associate Professor of Law
Niels F. Johnsen Chair of Maritime Law
Joel Friedman
Jack M. Gordon Professor of Procedural Law & Jurisdiction
Class of 1937 Professor of Law
Clinical Instructor
W.R. Irby Chair in Law
Stephen M. Griffin
W.R. Irby Chair and Rutledge C. Clement Jr. Professor in Constitutional Law
Yongxiong Fellow
Geoffrey C. Bible & Murray H. Bring Professor of Constitutional Law
The Eberhard Deutsch Chair in Public International Law
Professor of the Practice
Jancy Hoeffel
Catherine D. Pierson Professor of Law
David Boies Chair in Public Interest Law
Kristin Johnson
McGlinchey Stafford Professor of Law
Lisa Jordan
Professor of the Practice
Professor of Clinical Law and Felix J. Dreyfous Teaching Fellow in Juvenile Law
Senior Professor of the Practice
Senior Professor of the Practice
Ann Lipton
Michael M. Fleishman Associate Professor in Business Law and Entrepreneurship
Clinical Instructor
Moise S. Steeg Jr. Associate Professor of Law
Katherine Mattes
Senior Professor of the Practice
Hoffman Fuller Associate Professor of Law
Clinical Instructor, Domestic Violence Clinic
David Meyer
Mitchell Franklin Professor of Law
Vernon Palmer
Thomas Pickles Chair
Sally Brown Richardson
A.D. Freeman Associate Professor of Civil Law
Michael Sackey
Senior Professor of the Practice
John Minor Wisdom Professor of Civil Law
Stacy Seicshnaydre
William K. Christovich Professor of Law
Forrester Fellow
James McCulloch Chair in Energy Law
Director, Tulane Center for IP, Media & Culture
Guiguo Wang
Eason-Weinmann Chair of International and Comparative Law
Keith Werhan
Ashton Phelps Chair of Constitutional Law
Mark Wessman
Thomas J. André, Jr. Professor of Law
LOCHEF Professor of Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility