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Roundtables & Workshops

Faculty Workshop Series

Our annual faculty workshop series showcases the scholarly works-in-progress of distinguished domestic and international legal academics.

Participants in the 2017-2018 workshop series included:

  • Stephen Bogle (University of Glasgow),
    "Private law theory and the past"

  • Arnaud Raynouard (Universite Paris Dauphine),
    "Unraveling (regional) Globalisation? The Brexit experience of the past remains ... the past!"

  • David Elkins (Netanya College School of Law),
    "The Myth of Corporate Tax Residence"

  • Mary Zeigler (Florida State),
    Book chapter from "A History of the Law and Politics of Abortion from the Hyde Amendment to the Present"

  • Greg Alexander (Cornell),
    "Right to Destroy"

  • Lisa Fairfax (George Washington),
    "The Securities Law Implications of Financial Illiteracy"

  • Peter Edelman (Georgetown),
    "Not a Crime to be Poor"

  • Jennifer Chacon (UC Irvine),
    "Citizenship Matters: Conceptualizing Belonging in an Era of Fragile Inclusions"

  • Barbara Fedders (UNC),
    "Opioid Policing"

  • Brandon Garrett (UVA),
    "Local Evidence in Constitutional Interpretation"

  • Andreas Schwartze (University of Innsbruck),
    "A European Restatement of the Law of Obligations and Property Law - Structure, Content and Effects of the Draft Common Frame of Reference"

Regulation and Coordination Workshop Series

Each term, four or five visiting scholars will present works-in-progress on regulation of economic activity, broadly construed. A limited number of law students and other graduate students may enroll in workshop for credit, but the author presentations will be open to students who are not formally enrolled in the workshop.

Participants in the Spring 2018 Regulation and Coordination Workshop Series included:

  • Vikramaditya Khanna (Michigan),
    "Law, Institutions, and Economic Development: Examining the Development of the Home Mortgage Market in India - Can Two Wrongs Make a Right"

  • Nadav Orian Peer (Tulane),
    "Accommodating Capital: The Origins of the Federal Reserve and the Debate Over Credit Distribution"

  • Nishad Kapadia (Tulane School of Business),
    "Do Rating Agencies Deserve Some Credit? Evidence from Transitory Shocks to Credit Risk"

  • Greg Shill (Iowa),
    "The Independent Board as Shield"

  • Heather Elliott (Alabama),
    "The Limits of Associational Standing"

  • Jose Gabilondo (FIU),
    "The Funding Matrix: Modeling Business Processes at Financial Enterprises"

The Regulation and Coordination Workshop Series homepage provides additional information on previous and upcoming speakers.

Professor leads roundtable discussion


Co-sponsored by Tulane’s Murphy Institute and Tulane Law School, the Tulane Tax Roundtable brings together tax scholars from around the country, resident Tulane faculty and Tulane students for discussion and debate about important tax policy issues of our time. The roundtable showcases the drafts and works-in-progress of its participants and subjects these works to rigorous analysis in a discussant-driven workshop format.

The Tulane Property Roundtable brings together property scholars from around the country to discuss and debate important property issues pertaining to the regulation of private and public property rights. The roundtable showcases the works-in-progress of the participating scholars and encourages lively debate regarding the drafts.