Visiting Students

Tulane Law School typically has a limited number of places available for visiting students from other law schools. 

Candidates for visiting status at Tulane Law School must be in good standing at another law school. The student enrolls for one or two semesters at Tulane Law School in courses that will count toward the degree requirements at the institution from which the student will receive the JD.

Prospective visiting students should submit:

  • A completed Visiting Application Form (a hard copy of the application form can be obtained from the Office of Academic Services upon request: e-mail or call 504-865-5935)
  • A letter of good standing from the appropriate dean of the student's current law school, also indicating that credit will be granted for satisfactory completion of Tulane Law School coursework and stating any constraints on the visit (e.g., a restriction on the number of courses or credit hours, or limits on the particular courses to be taken)
  • Certified transcripts of all law coursework completed.

Applications for visiting status for the fall or spring semester should be submitted at least two months prior to the start of the semester for which enrollment is requested.

Students interested in taking one or more summer courses at Tulane Law School should submit a completed Visiting Application Form and submit a letter of good standing before the start of classes (a transcript is not required). Students interested in one of our Summer Abroad Program should apply on our Summer Abroad Program page.

Subject to the limitations identified later in this paragraph, visiting students may enroll in any courses for which they meet the prerequisites or for which the professor has agreed to waive the prerequisites. Clinical courses are not open to visiting students. Limited-enrollment courses and seminars are open to visiting students so long as Tulane degree candidates are not displaced.