Moot Court

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence since 1929

Tulane University Law School Moot Court Program provides students of all experience levels with the opportunity to develop and sharpen oral and written advocacy skills.

Tulane Law Moot Court Program is one of the largest student-run organizations at Tulane University Law School and among the oldest programs of its kind in the nation. The Tulane Law Moot Court Program was founded in 1929 by a small group of Tulane Law students, including the legendary U.S. Fifth Circuit Judge John Minor Wisdom. Alumni include state and federal judges, members of Congress, U.S. Ambassadors, and state governors. 

Tulane Law Moot Court Program is comprised of five Interschool disciplines: Mock Trial, Appellate, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and the Black Law Students Association (BLSA).

The Appellate discipline consists of five teams: International Criminal Court (ICC), Judge John R. Brown Admiralty (JRB), Jeffrey G. Miller Environmental (Pace), Immigration & Asylum (I&A), and The National Moot Court Competition. The BLSA discipline is comprised of three teams, the Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial team, the Nelson Mandela International Negotiations team, and the Thurgood Marshall Appellate Moot Court team. Throughout the year, all of these teams earn academic credit by competing in a number of national and international moot court competitions.

Moot Court

The Tulane Intraschool Competition offers an additional way for students to sharpen their oral advocacy skills. The competition is open to all 2L and 3L Tulane Law students. The annual 2L champion from each discipline receives a Bar Review scholarship. The annual two 3L Finalists in each discipline are engraved in the marble tablets in Room 110 of the law school.

27th Annual Mardi Gras Invitational Moot Court Competition

Tulane’s Moot Court Board, with the help of the Sports Law Society and the Sports Lawyers Journal staff, hosts the annual Mardi Gras National Moot Court Competition, the only annual moot court competition in the country that focuses on contemporary legal problems confronting the sports industry. Read More.

Moot Court Newsletter editions

Tulane University Law School Moot Court Program is proud to present our 2021-2022

Newsletter Series: Spotlighting Moot Court Success.

With each Newsletter edition, we will update you on any recent Moot Court Program accomplishments, highlight our upcoming events, and introduce you to our esteemed Alumni in the Alumni Spotlight section.


2022-2023 Moot Court Executive Board:

Clarke Perkins – Chief Justice

Ingrid von Kleydorff – Administrative Justice of Academic Affairs

Marissa Grabowski – Administrative Justice of Business Affairs

Desmond Sims – Administrative Justice of Special Competitions

Tabitha Bauguess – Administrative Justice for Intraschool

L.D. Jones – Administrative Justice of Invitationals


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