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Exchange Programs

Tulane maintains international exchange programs with universities around the world to develop firsthand experience with foreign procedures, laws, practice, education and culture.

Tulane students enjoy the opportunity to study law, learn languages and gain work experience abroad through an unusually concentrated network of institutes, exchanges, job opportunities, and international alumni within the Tulane family. The Law School also arranges summer internship opportunities abroad for students participating in international programs.

As of 2020, arrangements are in place for Tulane law students to spend the fall or spring semester at international universities listed in the brochure below:

Read the Fall 2020–Spring 2021 Exchange Programs Brochure

In most cases, Tulane students spend one semester at the international exchange partner university, receiving 12 to 14 credits toward the Tulane JD for successful completion of the semester's work. Law students from the exchange-partner universities also have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at Tulane Law School.

Because international exchange partnerships change from time to time, the list of universities listed in the brochure above should be viewed as representative and not definitive.