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Master of Laws Program

Academic Requirements


Each LLM program requires completion of 24 semester hours of coursework. Most students complete the degree requirements during a single academic year. Although there is no thesis requirement, LLM students are required to write at least one paper in connection with a seminar in their field of interest or in connection with a directed research project.

For those students who received the JD or LLB (or equivalent) from a school located outside of the United States, enrollment in a three-week summer orientation course, Introduction to US Law, is mandatory. International students must also complete and pass a legal research and writing course.

Length of Study

All LLM programs are offered on a full-time and part-time basis. Full-time students are expected to complete the LLM in two semesters, or one academic year. Due to student visa requirements, many international students are required to enroll on a full-time basis. Attorneys in full-time practice in the New Orleans area have an exclusive option to enroll in the part-time program toward the LLM in Admiralty. All part-time LLM students must complete the program in four consecutive (non-summer) semesters.

Residency Requirements

All international LLM students begin the Introduction to US Law course in mid-July and proceed directly into the fall semester, which begins in late August and concludes at the beginning of December; fall-semester exams take place in December before the winter break. The spring semester begins in mid-January and concludes in late April, followed by spring-semester exams. Commencement ceremonies and conferral of degrees take place in May.

Summer Abroad Option

Tulane LLM students admitted to any of our full-time programs may begin the LLM program in the summer by attending one of Tulane’s summer abroad programs. Up to 3 of the 24 credits required for the LLM program may be completed in a Summer Abroad Program. Tuition is included in the academic year costs, leaving students who proceed immediately into the LLM program responsible only for their living expenses during the summer abroad program. International students must arrive in New Orleans by the start of the Introduction to US Law course in mid-July.