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Cost of Attendance

2024-2025 Cost of Attendance
Tuition $66,264
Academic Services Fee $3,402
Reily Recreation Center Fee $474
Student Activity Fee $240
Student Health Fee $792
Subtotal for Tuition and Fees* $71,172
Estimated Living Expenses
Housing $11,506
Meals $6,688
Transportation $2,836
Miscellaneous $2,096
Health/Medical $4,000
Loan Fees on Unsubsidized Loans $216
Subtotal Living Expenses $27,342
Books $1,500
Subtotal Books and Living Expenses $28,842

*International LLM students should add the $1,500 fee for the mandatory summer orientation course beginning in July. International LLM students taking the intensive summer ESL course should also add an additional $500

**3L Students will have an added $900 budget component to cover the cost of one bar exam and one character and fitness test. 

Cost of Attendance subject to change. Tuition and fees may increase by 2 to 6 percent each year.  Figures are generally available in March or April for the following academic year.


Tuition and Mandatory Fees

One-half of the total tuition and fees for the academic year is billed at the beginning of each semester. The first bill will be sent out after you have enrolled; typically in mid-July. Your commitment deposit, which is not refundable, will be credited to your fall semester bill. In addition to tuition, full-time students are assessed mandatory fees as described below. Final figures for the upcoming academic year will be available in early spring of the prior year and will be posted on the Welcome Website.

Academic Support Services Fee

This fee entitles students to use the supplemental services of the university main library. It also covers certain computer services and data and voice hookups, the Education Resources and Counseling Center, and other academic support services.

Reily Recreation Center and Student Activity Fees

The student body at Tulane assesses itself a Student Activity Fee to support its activities. The fee entitles students to participate in or attend supported activities, receive a weekly student newspaper, and receive admission to many intercollegiate athletic events and lectures. By virtue of the Reily Recreation Center fee, full-time students become members of the Reily Center.

Student Health Fee

The Student Health Fee provides students on all Tulane campuses with primary care at the Student Health Center. It also supports health education programs, drug and alcohol counseling, and the Tulane Emergency Medical Service.

Estimated Living Expenses

(for Loan Eligibility and Visa Purposes)

The 2024-25 budget for estimated living expenses includes $2,569 per month (over nine months) for housing (rent, utilities), meals, miscellaneous expenses (such as parking, optional study aids, and the purchase of academic regalia for Commencement ceremonies), and all transportation. Medical expenses, representing medical insurance, and ordinary health expenses (such as prescriptions), are also included in the estimated living expense budget. Book expenses are estimated to be an additional $1,500 for the year. Some expenses must be covered with funds other than financial aid (such as personal savings or a paycheck): moving expenses, prior debt (credit cards, car, etc.); furniture, deposits for housing and utilities; and living expenses associated with time during which are are not in school (summer, for example). 

International LLM students who enroll in intensive ESL beginning in early July should add an additional $2,500 to their total estimated living expenses.