Admitted Students

Congratulations, and welcome to Tulane Law!

Corresponding with Us

Tulane Law School provides a password protected community website for all accepted students. On this website you can download PDF versions of much of  your correspondence with TLS and exchange information with fellow incoming students as well as designated current students, faculty, and staff.

Enter Admitted Student Website

The welcome website is also available through the following URL:

Deferred Enrollment

Prior to the start of the semester for which enrollment has been offered, students who have been offered admission may request deferral of the offer of admission.  Tulane typically grants such requests for a one-year period if the candidate presents a compelling circumstance.  (Teach for America participants are granted two-year deferrals, if the request is made prior to starting the two-year Teach for America obligation.)  Detailed instructions are provided at the time that the request is granted.

Deferred candidates must pay the full commitment deposit by the usual spring deadlines.  The following fall, the deferred candidate must complete a new application form, submit the application fee, and reactivate the LSDAS subscription within a prescribed period.  So long as nothing has occurred to disqualify the candidate, a new acceptance letter is generated after the candidate has completed the process set out in the deferral instructions.  At that time, the candidate must submit a new commitment deposit.  Both commitment deposits are credited to the first semester's tuition and fees.

Candidates not granted deferred admission may reactivate their files for reconsideration.


Applicants who do not enroll at Tulane or at any other law school may reapply to Tulane by requesting reactivation of the previous year's file.  Reactivating candidates must complete a new application form, submit the application fee, and reactivate the LSDAS subscription.  Contents of the previous year's file are transferred to the new file, and the application is reconsidered for admission.