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Case Acceptance Policies

Each Clinic has its own policy regarding case acceptance.

The Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice Clinics accept cases by court appointment only.


The Tulane Law School Domestic Violence Clinic provides a variety of legal services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  The majority of our cases are family law cases in which we represent abuse survivors or protecting parents of abused children in need of protective orders, child custody, divorce, and/or support in Orleans Parish. We sometimes assist clients with related legal issues such as housing, benefits, or advocacy in criminal justice processes related to the abuse.  Additionally, the Clinic will consider domestic violence-related appeals from any Louisiana parish.

The Clinic does not charge clients for its services, but its clients must be income- eligible to receive representation. Due to limited resources and priority setting, the Tulane Law School Domestic Violence Clinic can represent only some of the people who contact us for representation.  No one is entitled to services from our Clinic, but our Clinic does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age in the delivery of its services. If you would like to be considered for representation, please contact our Clinic at (504) 865-5153.


The Tulane Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic provides third-year law students the opportunity to represent plaintiffs in civil rights cases and focuses on systemic problems related to prisons, police, education, and housing. Law students work under the close supervision of clinical instructors and are responsible for all phases of litigation, including the initial client interview and case assessment, preparation of pleadings and motions, conducting discovery, settlement negotiations, and, if necessary, trying the case before a judge or jury. Examples of potential work include representing individuals who have experienced housing or employment discrimination, victims of police misconduct, prisoners challenging abusive and discriminatory treatment, and individuals who have experienced discrimination because of their disability.

Referrals and appointments are required. No walk-ins are accepted. The clinic receives referrals from local and national civil rights and community organizations, legal services organizations, Louisiana federal courts, and through individual requests for assistance. The clinic screens all cases for case type and selects cases based on their educational value to the student-lawyers. The clinic operates year-round but only accepts new cases during the academic year.



Case Acceptance Criteria:

Tulane Environmental Law Clinic provides legal representation on environmental public interest and open access issues to organizations and low-income individuals in litigation and non-litigation contexts. Examples of non-litigation representation the Clinic provides are drafting and pursuing public records requests, filing public comments on proposed environmental pollution projects or permits, and filing petitions and other requests with state and federal agencies.

Tulane Environmental Law Clinic does not file lawsuits for compensatory damages.

Client Acceptance Criteria:

Tulane Environmental Law Clinic is a teaching clinic that provides law students with an opportunity to represent clients under the supervision of a staff attorney. For matters handled in Louisiana state court or before a Louisiana state agency (e.g., Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality), Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XX authorizes Tulane Environmental Law Clinic student attorneys to appear on behalf of clients whose household income does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  To determine whether you meet this income criterion, please visit the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic website, www.tulane.edu/~telc/, and click on the link for “Student Practice.”

Tulane Environmental Law Clinic will also frequently represent organizations or associational groups along with the individually named low-income individual in state court and before state agencies.

For matters handled in federal court or before a federal agency (e.g. Environmental Protection Agency), there are no income restrictions regarding client qualification.

Intake Procedure:

To request legal representation by the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, call 504 865-5787. In your voicemail message, please include your name, contact information, and a brief message about the environmental issue. The staff personnel will schedule an intake call to ask you some follow-up questions, and then the matter will be considered by the Director and the staff attorneys.