Bar Information for International Lawyers

Each U.S. state regulates the admission of attorneys to the practice of law within its jurisdiction. The requirements for bar admission vary from state to state and are complex. An LL.M. degree does not make foreign lawyers eligible to practice law in the U.S.; however, a Tulane LL.M. degree can be used to meet the U.S. education requirements of many U.S. jurisdictions that permit foreign educated attorneys to sit for their bar exam, such as New York, California, the District of Columbia, and Louisiana. Internationally educated students in our J.D. with Advanced Standing program will be able to sit for the bar exam in any U.S. jurisdiction upon graduate.

International LL.M. students who plan to take a U.S. state bar exam must carefully investigate the relevant requirements prior to beginning their studies. A comprehensive chart for the qualification policies of each U.S. jurisdiction for foreign educated attorneys can be viewed on the National Council of Bar Examiners' website  here. It is the responsibility of the applicant to read the information provided by the Board of Legal Examiners in the state where they want to take the bar exam. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to contact that state’s Board of Legal Examiners with any questions, submit all documents and fees in a timely manner, and complete any U.S. law courses required by that state’s Board of Legal Examiners. Each state has final authority to determine whether an applicant meets the requirements to sit for its bar examination. A summary of bar admission information by jurisdiction and contact information for each bar admission agency can be viewed here.

Most Tulane LL.M. alumni interested in practicing in the United States choose to sit for the New York Bar Exam. Tulane LL.M. students who would like to use their degree to satisfy the education requirements for U.S. bar exam eligibility should consider applying to the General LL.M. or the LL.M. in American Law. Regardless of course of study, all Tulane LL.M. graduates whose first degree in law was obtained outside of the United States also have the option to complete an additional third semester of bar exam subject coursework at a discounted tuition rate. LL.M. students interested in sitting for a U.S. bar exam will attend a special information session during their orientation program. Students should also indicate this interest to their academic advisor prior to selecting courses. Supplemental summer bar prep assistance is also provided by Tulane Law School's Director of Academic Success.