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Tulane International Fútbol Negotiation Competition



The Tulane International Fútbol Negotiation Competition, run by the Tulane Sports Law Society, is a simulated contract negotiation competition using real-life international soccer/fútbol clubs and players in hypothetical scenarios.  The competition will feature two types of negotiation scenarios: Buying Club v. Selling Club, and Club v. Player, with the former modeled off of the international player transfer market.  In order to simulate an actual negotiation, the participants will receive a set of confidential objectives that serve as guidelines for the negotiation (samples below). Similar to Tulane’s Football, Baseball, and Basketball competitions, this competition will provide participants with the opportunity to sharpen their negotiation skills as well as their knowledge of industry contracts. 

Soccer/fútbol industry experts will serve as judges for each negotiation.  Competitors will also submit a written component before the negotiations and will participate in a virtual presentation round.


Sample Competition Prompts

Contact Information:

To place your school on the 2023 invite list, please contact us. Priority will be given to those who apply early. Questions or concerns regarding the competition can be directed to tulane.futbol.negotiation@gmail.com.