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About the Journal

The Tulane Environmental Law Journal (TELJ) is a biannual legal periodical produced and edited by students of Tulane Law School with the support of the faculty and administration of Tulane Law School. 

Tulane is recognized as having one of the strongest environmental law programs in the country, and TELJ has been rated as one of the top 15 environmental law journals.  TELJ contains timely articles written by professors and practitioners, as well as commentary on recent cases written by journal members.  We are committed to featuring scholarly articles that rigorously analyze a broad range of environmental issues affecting individuals, communities, and the nation at large.  TELJ has enjoyed increased recognition and rapid growth since 1988, and each issue is available to millions of law students and professionals through the Westlaw and Lexis research services.

Our recent issues have featured diverse topics stretching from a series of articles analyzing the past and future of CERCLA litigation to an investigation of the  legal underpinnings of the modern land reform movement in Latin America to a discussion of the political and legal climate in Louisiana leading up to Hurricane Katrina and the decisions that need to be made following the devastating storm.

TELJ not only features noteworthy essays and articles by practitioners, professors, and other experts, but it is also proud to showcase the writings of its members. Each issue, up to four students who author superior case notes or comments are selected to have their works published.