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Tulane Law School and the National Book Foundation are partnering to host an evening exploring the stories of those who’ve lived under mass incarceration nationally, and the efforts at criminal justice reform. Titled “Literature for Justice: The Gravity of Bearing Witness,” Tulane scholars will discuss the state of criminal justice reforms alongside authors who will share stories about incarceration, redemption, and the search for hope in darkness.

Tulane Law School and the Liskow & Lewis Law Firm will host a Networking Dinner for Diverse Law & Pre-Law Students from in the first floor Multipurpose Room. This networking dinner will provide an opportunity for diverse law students from throughout the Greater New Orleans area and diverse pre-law/admitted students to meet, socialize, and build relationships.  If you have an interest in studying law, this event is for you!

Registration is required, but admission is free. Attire is casual.

A panel of attorneys that practice civil rights law will discuss current civil rights topics and share advice on how to use your career to inspire change. Panelists will also share tips for how to land internships/jobs in the civil rights field.


This event is for diverse undergraduate students that want to learn more about law school and the legal profession. Sponsored by the LSAC Diversity Matters grant, the goal of the event is to encourage students from communities that are underrepresented in the legal profession to consider law as a career. Contact Lezlie Griffin with questions: lagriffin@tulane.edu.

Nationally recognized tax and estate planning legal practitioners, law professors and accountants present in-depth reviews of recent tax statutes, regulations and decisions and discuss practical tax and estate planning tips and current issues impacting their practice during this three-day program. 

The Estate Planning Institute recognizes Tulane Law School’s renewed commitment to providing the highest quality instruction on the most important and topical issues facing estate planning professionals. 

Recognized as one of the premier M&A, corporate and securities law conferences in the country, the Tulane Corporate Law Institute delivers an unparalleled educational and networking experience in a fascinating city.