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S. Alan Childress
  • Conrad Meyer III Professor of Civil Procedure
  • achildr@tulane.edu
  • Weinmann Hall, Room 351-A
  • 504-865-5829
Alan Childress

Selected Publications

Law Review Articles

No Physical Harm, No Foul? Trusting Workable Limiting Principles to Emotional Distress Torts, 49 TEXAS TECH. L. REV. 703 (2017)

A Primer on Standards of Review in Federal Civil Appeals, 293 FEDERAL RULES DECISIONS 156- 223 (West Publ. Co., Jan. 2014)

Revolving Trapdoors: Preserving Sufficiency Review of the Civil Jury After Unitherm and Amended Rule 50, 26 REVIEW OF LITIGATION 239-264 (Univ. of Texas, Spr. 2007)

Mentoring Up and Down, 80 TULANE L. REV. 1581-1583 (2006) (In Memoriam)

Taking Jury Verdicts Seriously, 54 SMU L. REV. 1739-1747 (2001) (Commentary, in reply to David Crump and William Dorsaneo)

Jury Verdicts: The Whole Greater Than Pieces, 53 SMU L. REV. 1539-1545 (2000) (Commentary, in reply to William Dorsaneo)

The “Soft Science” of Discretion: A Reply to Ghosh’s “Search for Scientific Validity in Evidence Law,” 8 THE DIGEST 31-36 (2000) (Response to Shubha Ghosh)

The Empty Concept of Self-Censorship, 70 TULANE L. REV. 1969-1977 (1996) (Essay)

Constitutional Fact and Process: A First Amendment Model of Censorial Discretion, 70 TULANE L. REV. 1229-1358 (1996)  

Jury Review in Diversity Cases: An Erie Update, 4 THE DIGEST 39-72 (1996) A 1995 Primer on Standards of Review in Federal Civil Appeals, 161 FEDERAL RULES DECISIONS 123-47 (West, 1995)

Judicial Review and Diversity Jurisdiction: Solving an Irrepressible Erie Mystery?, 47 SMU L. REV. 271-327 (1994)

Pornography, “Serious Rape,” and Statistics: A Reply to Dr. Kutchinsky, 26 LAW & SOCIETY REV. 457-61 (1992) (Response to Berl Kutchinsky) 

Reel “Rape Speech”: Violent Pornography and the Politics of Harm, 25 LAW & SOCIETY REV. 177-214 (1991) (Review Essay)

Sanctions on Appeal: An Outline of Rules and Recent Cases, 10 FIFTH CIRCUIT REPORTER 687- 708 (West, June 1993) (with Terry E. Allbritton)

Federal Summary Judgments on Appeal: Review and Jurisdiction, 9 FIFTH CIRCUIT REPORTER 513-25 (West, Feb. 1992)

Historicizing Law Schools: An Alternative to the Socratic Tunnel Vision?, 38 BUFFALO L. REV. 315-24 (1990) (Book Review) (review of Robert Stevens, LAW SCHOOL, and others)

A Standards of Review Primer: Federal Civil Appeals, 125 FEDERAL RULES DECISIONS 319-47 (West, 1989)

A New Era for Summary Judgments: Recent Shifts at the Supreme Court, 116 FEDERAL RULES DECISIONS 183-94 (West, 1987)

“Clearly Erroneous”: Judicial Review Over District Courts in the Eighth Circuit and Beyond, 51 MISSOURI L. REV. 93-189 (1986)

Standards of Review in Criminal Appeals: Fifth Circuit Illustration and Analysis, 60 TULANE L. REV. 461-561 (1986) (with Martha S. Davis)

Standards of Review in Eleventh Circuit Civil Appeals, 9 NOVA L.J. 257-330 (1985)

The Hazards of Computer-Assisted Research to the Legal Profession, 55 OKLA. B.J. 1531-36 (Aug. 1984)

The Baby and the Bathwater: Developing a Positive Socratic Method, 18 LAW TEACHER 95-109 (U.K., Sweet & Maxwell, 1984)

Standards of Review in Federal Civil Appeals: Fifth Circuit Illustration and Analysis, 29 LOYOLA L. REV. 851-923 (1983)





Quid Pro Books Publishing Co., 2021

FEDERAL STANDARDS OF REVIEW, FOURTH EDITION, 2010 (and Third, Second, and First editions)

Matthew Bender/LEXIS-NEXIS Publishing Co.

Volume 1: Civil Cases and General Review Principles

Volume 2: Criminal Cases and Habeas Appeals (with Martha S. Davis)

Volume 3: Administrative Appeals (with Martha S. Davis)