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Janet C. Hoeffel
  • Catherine D. Pierson Professor of Law
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  • Weinmann Hall, Room 359-E
  • 504.865.5895
Jancy Hoeffel

Selected Publications

Janet C. Hoeffel (with Pamela R. Metzger), "Charging Time", 108 Iowa Law Review --- (forthcoming 2022).

Janet C. Hoeffel (with Pamela R. Metzger), "Criminal (Dis)Appearance," 88 George Washington Law Review 392 (2020).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "The Warren Court and the Birth of the Reasonably Unreasonable Officer", 49 Stetson Law Review 289 (2020).

Janet C. Hoeffel," Miranda’s First Principles", 50 Texas Tech Law Review 113 (2017).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "Death Beyond a Reasonable Doubt," 68 Arkansas Law Review 267 (2017). 

Janet C. Hoeffel & Stephen I. Singer, "Elections, Power and Local Control: Reining in Chief Prosecutors and Sheriffs," 15 U. MD. L.J. RACE, RELIGION, GENDER & CLASS 319 (2015).

Janet C. Hoeffel & Stephen I. Singer, "Activating a Brady Pretrial Duty to Disclose Favorable Information: From the Mouths of Supreme Court Justices to Practice", 38 New York University Review of Law and Social Change 467 (2015).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "The Jurisprudence of Death and Youth: Now the Twain Should Meet," 46 Texas Tech Law Review 29 (2013).

Janet C. Hoeffel & Stephen I. Singer, "Fear and Loathing at the U.S.", 82 Mississippi Law Journal 833 (2013).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "The Roberts Court’s Failed Innocence Project", 85 Chicago-Kent Law Review 43 (2010).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "Toward a More Robust Right to Counsel of Choice", 44 San Diego Law Review 525 (2007).

Janet C. Hoeffel, Deconstructing the Cultural Evidence Debate, 17 Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy 303 (2006).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "Prosecutorial Discretion at the Core: The Good Prosecutor Meets Brady," 109 Penn. State Law Review 1133 (2005).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "Risking the Eighth Amendment: Arbitrariness, Juries, and Discretion in Capital Cases," 46 Boston College Law Review 771 (2005).

Janet C. Hoeffel, "The Sixth Amendment’s Lost Clause: Unearthing Compulsory Process", 2002 Wisconsin Law Review 1275.

Janet C. Hoeffel, "The Gender Gap: Revealing Inequities in Admission of Social Science Evidence in Criminal Cases", 24 University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Review 41 (2001). 

Other Legal Writing

Janet C. Hoeffel, Teaching to the Test, 10 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 647 (2013).

Janet C. Hoeffel, Note, The Dark Side of DNA Profiling: Unreliable Scientific Evidence Meets the Criminal Defendant, 42 Stanford Law Review 465 (1990).

Janet C. Hoeffel, Tribute: In Memory of John Kaplan, 42 Stanford Law Review 852 (1990).