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Martin J. Davies
  • Admiralty Law Institute Professor of Maritime Law
  • Director, Maritime Law Center
  • mdavies@tulane.edu
  • Weinmann Hall, Room 255-F
  • 504-862-8824

Selected Publications

“Parallel proceedings for insolvency and limitation of liability,” [2015] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 24.

“Insurers’ pre-contractual disclosure obligations: the position in the United States of America,” 23 Insurance Law Journal 70 (2012).

“Forum Selection, Choice of Law and Mandatory Rules,” [2011] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 237.

“Deepwater Horizon: Removal Costs, Civil Damages, Crimes, Civil Penalties, and State Remedies in Oil Spill Cases,” 85 Tulane Law Review 889-982 (2011) (with Robert Force and Joshua Force).

“Liability issues raised by the Deepwater Horizon blowout,” 25 Australia & New Zealand Maritime Law Journal 35-48 (2011).

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“Choice of Law and U.S. Maritime Liens,” 83 Tulane Law Review 1435-61 (2009).

“Legal and Practical Aspects of Salvage in the United States” [2009] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 28-41.

“Whatever Happened to the Salvage Convention 1989?” 39 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce 463-504 (2008).

“Choice of Law After the Civil Liability Legislation,” 17 Torts Law Journal 104-119 (2008).

“Court-ordered Interim Measures in Aid of International Commercial Arbitration,” 17 American Review of International Arbitration 299-334 (2008).

“McDermott v. AmClyde: The Quiet Achiever,” 39 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce 11-25 (2008).

“Bypassing the Hague Evidence Convention: private international law implications of the use of video and audio conferencing technology in transnational litigation,” 55 American Journal of Comparative Law 205-237 (2007).

“Litigation fights back: avoiding the effects of arbitration clauses in charterparty bills of lading,” 35 Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce 617-43 (2004).

“Forum selection clauses in maritime cases,” 27 Tulane Maritime Law Journal 367-87 (2003).

“Obligations and implications for ships encountering persons in need of assistance at sea,” 12 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal 109-41 (2003).

“Time to change the federal forum non conveniens analysis,” 77 Tulane Law Review 309-86 (2002).

“Foreign maritime liens: should they be recognised in Australian courts?,” 76 Australian Law Journal 775-82 (2002) (with Kate Lewins).

“In defense of unpopular virtues: personification and ratification,” 75 Tulane Law Review 337-411 (2000).

“Subrogation, contribution and insurance law: an Australian view,” [2000] Restitution Law Review 70-81.

“Just (don”t) do it: ethics in international trade,” 21 Melb U L Rev 601-20 (1997). “Common law liability of statutory authorities,” 27 UWAL Rev 21-43 (1997).

“Evidence, documents and preliminary discovery in international litigation,” 26 UWAL Rev 286-308 (1996).

“Exactly what is the Australian choice of law rule in torts cases?,” 70 Australian Law Journal 711-22 (1996).

“Proximate cause in insurance law,” 7 Insurance Law Journal 135-151 (1996).

“Too little imagination or too much? Phillips v Eyre revisited yet again,” 3 Torts Law Journal 273-298 (1995).

“Two views of free in and out, stowed clauses in bills of lading,” 22 Australian Business Law Review 198-207 (1994).

“Conflict of laws issues in fatal accidents actions,” 1 Torts Law Journal 45-62 (1993).

“The liability of auditors to third parties in negligence,” 14 UNSWLJ 171-197 (1991).

“The elusive carrier: whom do I sue and how?,” 19 Australian Business Law Review 230-247 (1991).

“Equitable relief against withdrawal for non-payment of hire in time charterparties,” 18 Australian Business Law Review 328-337 (1990).

“‘Special skill’ in negligent misstatement,” 17 Melbourne University Law Review 484- 496 (1990).

“Private nuisance, fault and personal injuries,” 20 UWA Law Review 129-142 (1990).

“What price a gold sovereign? - Limitation of liability under the Hague Rules,” 6 Australian Bar Review 49-55 (1990).

“The off-hire clause in the New York Produce Exchange time charterparty” [1990] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 107-113.

“The end of the affair: duty of care and liability insurance,” 9 Legal Studies 67-83 (1989). (Highly Commended by the Australian Insurance Law Association, 1988).

“Limiting shipowners” liability for economic loss,” 16 Australian Business Law Review 271-281 (1988) (with Guy Lawson).

“Reading cases,” 50 Modern Law Review 409-431 (1987).

“Negligently caused economic loss: a restatement,” 16 UWA Law Review 209-218 (1985). “The road from Morocco: Polemis through Donoghue to no-fault,” 45 Modern Law Review 534-555 (1982).

Book Reviews

CONFLICT OF LAWS IN AUSTRALIA, 5TH ed., by P. E. Nygh, 45 INT'L & COMP. L. Q. 759 (1996)

VOYAGE CHARTERS, by J. Cooke et al., 1995 LLOYD'S MAR. & COM. L. Q. 299 (1995)



LAW AND LEGAL SCIENCE, by J. Harris, 44 MOD. L. REV. 650 (1981)




Books and Book Chapters


NYGH’S CONFLICT OF LAWS IN AUSTRALIA (LexisNexis Butterworths, 9th ed., 2014), with Andrew Bell, S.C. and Justice Paul Brereton. Eighth edition (with Bell and Brereton) 2010; seventh edition (with Peter Nygh) 2002.

  • Eighth edition (with Bell and Brereton) 2010; seventh edition (with Peter Nygh) 2002.

ADMIRALTY AND MARITIME LAW: PRACTITIONER’S EDITION (2 volumes)(Beard Books, 2005), with Robert Force and A.N. Yiannopoulos. • Revised editions published 2008, 2012. ADMIRALTY AND MARITIME LAW: ABRIDGED EDITION (Beard Books, 2006), with Robert Force and A.N. Yiannopoulos.

  • Revised edition published 2008.

SHIPPING LAW (Thomson LawBook Co, 3rd ed., 2004), with Anthony Dickey, Q.C.

  • Second edition 1995; first edition 1990.

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General Publications

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The World Post, "Masked ‘Commandos’ Are Attacking Refugee Boats Off This Idyllic Greek Island," 08/13/15
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Other Legal Writing

“A tribute to Professor William Tetley,” 39 Tulane Maritime Law Journal i-iii (2014).

“Conversion of intangible goods,” 88 Australian Law Journal 235-37 (2014).

“Wrongful arrest of ships – a reply to Sir Bernard Eder,” 38 Tulane Maritime Law Journal 137-42 (2013).

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