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Onnig H. Dombalagian

Selected Publications


Chasing the Tape: Information Law and Policy in Capital Markets, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2015

Book Chapters

“Best Execution: An Impossible Dream?” (working title), in The Cambridge Handbook of Investor Protection (Arthur B. Laby ed., Cambridge University Press forthcoming)

“Securities and Derivatives Exchanges in the United States: Market and Ownership Structures,” in Financial Market Infrastructure: Law and Regulation (Jens-Hinrich Binder and Paolo Saguato eds., Oxford University Press 2021)

“Transnational Capital Market Regulation and the Role of the Stock Exchange”
in Beyond Territoriality: Transnational Legal Authority in an Age of Globalization
(Günther Handl & Joachim Zekoll eds., Leiden: Brill/Martinus Nijhoff 2012)


Texas Gulf Sulphur and Information Disclosure Policy, 71 SMU L. Rev. 713 (2018)

Preserving Human Agency in Automated Compliance, 11 Brooklyn J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 71 (2016) 

Substance and Semblance in Investor Protection, 40 J. Corp. L. 599 (2015)

Principles for Publicness, 67 Fla. L. Rev. 649 (2015)

The Volcker Rule and Regulatory Complementarity, 10 Capital Markets L.J. 469 (Oxford 2015) 

Exchanges, Listless?: The Disintermediation of the Listing Function, 50 Wake Forest L. Rev. 579 (2015) 

The Expressive Synergies of the Volcker Rule, 54 B.C. L. Rev. 469 (2013)

Proprietary Trading: Of Scourges, Scapegoats, and Scofflaws, 81 U. Cin. L. Rev. 387 (2012)

Regulating Informational Intermediation, 1 Am. U. Bus. L. Rev. 59 (2011)

Investment Recommendations and the Essence of Duty, 60 Am. U. L. Rev. 1265 (2011)