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Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law


Volume 27 | Spring 2019, Issue No. 2


The Kellogg-Briand Pact: A Reappraisal

Julie M. Bunck
Michael R. Fowler

The Basic Laws of Hong Kong and Macau as Internationally Shaped Constitutions of China and the Fall Off of “One Country, Two Systems”

Miguel Angelo Loureiro
Manero de Lemos


EIG Energy Fund XIV, L.P. v. Petroleo Brasileiro, S.A.: The FSIA Continues to Narrow

Clayton Christian

NHS Trust v. Y (by His Litigation Friend, the Official Solicitor): The Right to Withhold and Withdraw Life Sustaining Treatment in the U.K.

Jacqueline Degann

Obligation to Negotiate Access to the Pacific Ocean (Bolivia v. Chile): Deal or No Deal?

Erica Endlein

United States v. Hoskins: An Originalist Approach to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Libby Gerstner

TFA’s Victory: Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa and Finders Group Initiative on Behalf of TFA (a Minor) v. Republic of Cameroon: The African Children’s Commission Determines that Sexual Violence Is Gender Discrimination

Caroline V. Green

Registration of Candidate (11532) No. 0600903-50.2018.6.00.0000: That’s Me in the Spotlight, Lula—Sing My Political Rights

Madison Manoushagian

R (on the Application of KBR Inc) v. Director of the Serious Fraud Office: English High Court Determines Government Office Can Compel Production of Documents Held Overseas

Jordan Nixon

Akhter v. Khan: One Small Step for Woman, One Moderate Leap for Womankind

Austin Pratt