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Tulane Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property

Current Issue

Volume 24 | Spring 2022


Assessing Anonymity: Privacy in Online Mental Healthcare and Support Groups

Nick Feldstern

Cryptosecurity: An Analysis of Cryptocurrency Security and Securities

Brian Haney

Gene Patents: Incentive or Impediment for Pharmaceutical Innovation

Yu-Ching Kuo and Mei Hsiu-Ching Ho

Network Effects of the International Intellectual Property System

Alexander Peukert

Fan Works and the Environmental Law of Copyright

Aaron Schwabach


Van Buren v. United States: The Supreme Court's Ruling on the Fate of Web Scraping—"Access" to Discovery or Detention

Madison Addicks

Another Cog in the Machine: Digital Music Sampling and an Evaluation of Its Existing Regulatory Mechanisms in Light of the Case Act

Dayton Dunbar

You Have the Right to Remain Private: Safeguarding Biometric Identifiers in Civil and Criminal Contexts

Sarah Hunt-Blackwell

NPE Power Reversal: Amending ITC Standing Under Section 337 and Domestic Industry

Charlie Jonas


Hepp v. Facebook: Third Circuit Splits with Ninth Circuit on Whether Section 230's Intellectual Property Exception Applies to State Law

Matthew Arace

Putting the CAR-T Before the Horse: How Much Disclosure is Required Under Section 112(A) for Biotechnological Inventions?

Hayley LeBlanc

Hetronic Int'l, Inc. v. Hetronic Germany GmbH: The Lanham Act, Its Extraterritorial Reach, and the Ever-Deepening Circuit Split

Harry Phillips

One Test, Two Test: The Ninth Circuit Further Entangles Copyright Fair Use

John Andrew Mieras


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