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Tulane Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property

Current Issue

Volume 22 | Spring 2020


Data Mining for qui tam False Claims Act Suits: Business Opportunity for the Technology Age, or Doomed Goose Chase?

Social Media and the Internet Drive the Need for a Federal Statute to Protect the Commercial Value of Identity

Jack Burns


Nanci K. Carr

Loot Boxes--Is the Gaming Industry Involved in a Crap Shoot?

Andrew Velzen


Keeping AI Under Observation: Anticipated Impacts on Physicians' Standard of Care

Iria Giuffrida
Taylor Treece


High Risk, High Reward: Patent Law's Effects on the Medical Marijuana Industry

Hailey A. Barnett

The Right to Repair and the Corporate Stranglehold over the Consumer: Profits over People

S. Kyle Montello

Privacy Perspectives on Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing in the Era of Big Data: Role of Blockchain Technology in Genomics

Jacqueline Moran

Tweet Takers & Instagram Fakers: Social Media & Copyright Infringement

Caroline Russ


Iancu v. Brunetti: The First Amendment Takes Precedence over Lanham Act's Prohbition of Trademarks Composed of Immoral or Scandalous Matter

Claire Bosarge

You Can Always Spot a Fake: The Eleventh Circuit Holds Mall Landlords Contributorily Liable for Having Constructive Knowledge of Their Tenants Selling Counterfeit Products

Briana Hopes

Barry v. Medtronic, Inc.: The Federal Circuit Redefines Experimental Use and Patentability for Medical Procedure Inventions

Eva Kalikoff

Patel v. Facebook, Inc.: Biometric Data Collection Changes the Interpretation of Concrete Injury for Intangible Harms

Rebecca Schwartz


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