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Tulane Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property


JTIP seeks the top students of each class to join its membership. JTIP demands require all members to be fluent in the rapidly expanding related body of law. This puts them in an ideal position to foster knowledge of technology and intellectual property among Tulane's general student body and the community-at-large through their volunteer and fund-raising work.

Journal Membership Common Text


The senior board is composed of the student leaders of the third-year class as voted on by the entire journal membership. All junior and senior members are directly involved in the publishing process, through which they gain further legal research and writing experience.

Membership on all journals involves numerous time-sensitive editing duties. In addition, journal members are required to write both a case note and comment, the latter of which may be used to satisfy the Law School’s upper-class writing requirement (subject to conditions stated in the Student Handbook).

Write-On Competition

Tulane’s seven student-edited law journals choose their junior membership by holding a write-on competition during the summer work period and the start of each fall semester. All Tulane Law School students are invited to compete for membership after their first year. International graduate students are also welcome to participate in the competition.

The Tulane Law School Write-On Competition is an online submission process. Participants in the competition must submit their entries electronically through Tulane Law School’s TWEN website.

Tulane Law students may access additional instructions on the submission process through the Tulane Law School Intranet and the TWEN website.

Summer Write-On Competition

The summer write-on competition is open to students in good standing who will have completed at least two semesters of law school with at least a 2.0 GPA by commencement of the competition. Interested students should be advised that membership on all journals for rising 2Ls and transfers is an absolute two-year commitment.

The summer write-on competition typically begins the day 1L students finish their last final. Students will receive two weeks to complete the case note. Students who enter the competition will be notified of the results in mid- to late June. Those students who are selected to join a journal must return to Tulane no later than the first day of school to begin work on the first issue of the next volume.

Fall Write-On Competition

Although the format is similar to the summer write-on, this competition occurs at the beginning of the school year and must be managed alongside with classroom responsibilities. A smaller number of students both enter and are accepted during this competition.

As with the summer contest, fall write-ons generally have two weeks to complete their case note. Although these members join a journal later than the summer write-on students, they have the same workloads and responsibilities.