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LLM Off-Campus Recruiting Calendar

Representatives of Tulane Law School attend recruiting events throughout the United States and, for LLM candidates, abroad. Additional international events will be posted as they become available. 

Fall 2019 LLM Recruitment Events

Event Date City State Attending Representative
LSAC Toronto Forum 9/16 Toronto, ON Canada David Weinberg
LSAC Miami Forum 9/28 Miami, FL USA David Weinberg
LSAC Houston Forum 10/5 Houston, TX USA David Weinberg
LSAC New York Forum 10/26 & 10/27 New York, NY USA David Weinberg
Education USA LLM Fair 10/17 Brasilia Brazil Maria Landry
LSAC Atlanta Forum 10/19 Atlanta, GA USA Lezlie Griffin
Maria Landry
Education USA LLM Fair 10/19 Sao Paulo Brazil David Weinberg
LSAC San Francisco Forum 10/25 San Francisco, CA USA David Weinberg LLM Day  10/26 Frankfurt Germany Jörg Fedtke
Education USA LLM Fair 10/28 Lima Peru Maria Landry
Education USA LLM Fair 10/30 Bogota Colombia Maria Landry
LSAC Chicago Forum 11/1 Chicago IL Julia Martin
McGill University 11/6 Montréal, QC Canada Emily Wojna-Hodnett
LSAC Boston Forum 11/8 Boston, MA USA Emily Wojna-Hodnett
LSAC Los Angeles Forum 11/16 Los Angeles, CA USA Emily Wojna-Hodnett
LSAC Law College Forum, New Delhi 12/05 New Delhi India David Weinberg