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Welcome to Different: Maritime Law
Thank you for your interest in Tulane Law School. This webinar provides an overview of the Admiralty and Maritime Law Program at Tulane Law School and is part of a series of webinars designed for prospective law school applicants who are beginning to think about the opportunities and experiences ahead. Panelists include Professor Martin Davies, Ray Waid ('07), Lt. Megen Gold (L'15), and Holli Packer (L'21).

We've titled this series "Welcome to Different" for two main reasons. First, we think you'll see that Tulane Law School offers its students a distinctly different approach to their legal education and we are proud of our perspective. But it also goes without saying that the world is different right now as we confront complex challenges in how we interact with others in our everyday lives.

A link to the Maritime Law webinar recording will be e-mailed to the address provided below: