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Civil rights clinic joins ACLU's efforts against racially-motivated police actions

July 16, 2020 9:45 AM

Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic Director Lucia Blacksher Ranier (left) and Prof. Sam Brandao will be working with students as part of the ACLU "Justice Lab" inituative.


The Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic, along with more than a dozen other law schools nationwide, is joining the ACLU Louisiana’s efforts to pursue cases against racially-motivated police actions.

“Justice Lab: Putting Racist Policing on Trial,” is a project geared at challenging racially-motivated stops, seizures, searches, false arrests, and uses of force in Louisiana, and training the next generation of young lawyers to impact litigation. For law students, the partnership exposes them to federal appellate practice in the area of constitutional law.

In addition to the Tulane Law School's clinic, other law school clinics working with the ACLU Louisiana include Georgetown, Fordham, Penn State and Seton Hall. The partnership includes more than 30 law firms around the country.

"The Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic has a long history representing clients seeking to address unconstitutional police practices, and continuing this work has never been more important,” said Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic Director Lucia Blacksher Ranier. “We are excited our students will have the opportunity to join the Louisiana ACLU in this intensive litigation effort to fight for racial justice and to end racist police misconduct.”

For more on the Justice Lab effort, go here.