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Law Professor Emeritus George Strickler, who spent a lifetime fighting for civil rights, has died
Born in segregated America, George Marion Strickler was a man who spent most of his life fighting to end the practice, whether it was protesting on behalf of Black students to gain access to college admissions or lunch counters, or ligitating for the desegregation of southern public schools...
Let’s say you are an organization whose members span the globe – and we mean every corner of the globe – and an in-person conference isn’t in the cards because of a pandemic. What do you do? You hold one virtually and around the clock, of course! That is exactly what the Association of Law,... Read more
Law school awards signify academic and leadership achievement, hard work and dedication to a profession that changes lives. And it is an added honor to be chosen for an award by a vote of Tulane Law’s faculty. Two such honors, the John Minor Wisdom Award, focused on academics and writing, and the... Read more
Student and faculty researchers with the Tulane Immigrant Rights Clinic released a report Tuesday that found immigrant detainees in Louisiana are routinely denied their right to a speedy review of cases challenging indefinite detention. Titled “No End in Sight: Prolonged and Punitive Immigration... Read more
For nearly a decade, the Southeast Louisiana Services (SLLS) Child in Need of Care (CINC) unit has been providing critical legal representation to vulnerable children in foster care, many of them victims of abuse, neglect and other forms of trauma. On Thursday, the SLLS team—which is directed and... Read more
Looking back, Jacob McCarty still gets a little choked up about where he began: A kid from Wrightsville, Ark., population 2,000. Despite his humble upbringings, his teachers noticed his love of learning early on. One of his teachers encouraged him to apply to be a magnet student at the larger and... Read more
To her, they are all “my kids.” To them, she is “Miss Brenda” the overnight custodian at Tulane Law School’s Weinmann Hall, the nice lady with a listening ear and words of encouragement. In law school, that kindness matters. The work is complex and the hours are long. You get to know the friendly... Read more
With its dual common law/civil law track, its world-class legal programs and long-standing international ties, Tulane Law’s LLM program was named among the top 14 in the nation for academic quality by the International Jurist. Tulane Law’s LLM programs were rated among the best for international... Read more
Maybe it was one of their first encounters during 1L orientation week that sealed their friendship. No matter when they became friends, Andrea Ewalefo and AsheLee Singleton – classmates, regular study partners, and soon-to be Tulane Law graduates – unequivocally know that a bond was formed the... Read more
For his dedication to his classmates and service to the community throughout his three years of law school, Kasheem Shane Thomas has received one of Tulane’s prestigious Crest Awards. Thomas, who is currently the 3L Class President, received the Gary Lawton Fretwell Award, named for a former... Read more
Two Tulane Law students have been awarded highly-competitive Peggy Browning Fund fellowships to work in public interest labor law jobs over the summer. Second-year law students Schuyler Corbin and Sarah Crowley were selected from more than 700 applicants across the nation for the fellowship which... Read more
William Montgomery, a second-year law student, has been awarded the Tulane Center for Environmental Law Prize for his forward-thinking analysis of climate accountability issues. Montgomery (L’22) wrote about the issue under the theory of unjust enrichment in a comment titled “Polluter Disgorges: ... Read more
For their leadership, dedication to scholarship and service to the law community, three remarkable Tulane Law students have been awarded the Tulane 34 Award. Jayde Encalade, Jacob McCarty and Brandon Sprague, all graduating third-year law students, have received the coveted “34” stole, and... Read more
Maybe it was the impact of growing up the son of immigrants from Mexico, or that his grandmother had toiled in California’s farming fields most of her life that brought Constantino Raya to the law. What is certain is that he now knows his purpose lies in working to help vulnerable populations. “... Read more
Tulane Law Prof. Ann Lipton’s article, Not Everything Is about Investors: The Case for Mandatory Stakeholder Disclosure, published in Vol 37 of the Yale Journal on Regulation, made the Corporate Practice Commentator’s list of the 10 Best Articles of 2020. Lipton is widely recognized among the top... Read more
After years of research into the early foundations of Louisiana’s Civil Code, and after many memorable discoveries, Professor Vernon Palmer has reached a new milestone – teaching 50 years at Tulane Law. This remarkable anniversary coincides with his latest effort, solving a legal “whodunit” in his... Read more