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Tuition and Fees

Tulane Law has decided to postpone the Rhodes, Cambridge, and Paris Programs for Summer 2021. We plan to resume these programs next year and will begin accepting applications again this fall. We look forward to welcoming students in Summer 2022.
For 2021, we are currently in the process of planning an online course for both the Siena and Berlin Programs. Please check back to their prospective webpages below for more details as they are released. We will not be hosting these programs abroad in 2021, however we plan to resume normal program operations in Summer 2022. 
The Costs and Financial Aid information below is based on 2019-2020 and will be updated accordingly once programs resume.
Program Tuition and Fees
Siena - $4,000 + $175 fieldtrip fee
  • 4 week program
  • 6 credits
Rhodes- $3,400
  • 3 week program
  • 4 credits
  • +$200 Facilities fee if you arrange your own housing
Paris- $3,200
  • 3 week program
  • 4 credits
Cambridge- $2,400 + $125 field trip fee
  • 2 week program
  • 3 credits
  • +$300 Facilities fee if you arrange your own housing
Berlin- $2,400
  • 2 week program
  • 3 credits
Non-Credit Tuition and Fees

We offer competitive tuition rates for practitioners and international students who are not seeking credit.

Siena- $2,000 + $175 fieldtrip fee

Rhodes- $1,700 + $200 Facilities fee if you arrange your own housing

Paris- $1,200

Cambridge- $1,200 + $125 fieldtrip fee + $300 Facilities fee if you arrange your own housing

Berlin- $1,200

Multiple-Program Discount

Students receive a 15% discount for any second program (based on program dates)

Program Housing Cost

The follow programs offer housing options:

Single- $1050
Double- $950

Double Mountain View- $ 1475
Single Mountain View - $ 2375
Double Sea View- $ 1650
Single Sea View- $ 2725

Single- $1,500

Program housing is billed through Tulane University and will be included with tuition and fees through the University's Accounts Receivable Office. You will be able to view and pay your program tuition and fees through https://gibson.tulane.edu. Once you are registered in the system, Tulane’s Tech department will send your Tulane email address and password directly. You will be able to login to Gibson using this information. Housing payments are refundable until one month prior (30 days) to the start of your program. They are non-refundable beyond this point.

Paying Tuition
Program tuition and fees are due by the first day of your program. You will receive an email notification once your bill becomes available for payment online. If you do not pay your bill within 30 days of receiving your payment notification, you will not be dropped from the program. You will, however, be assessed a finance charge. The finance charge is assessed directly by Tulane University’s Accounts Receivable Office. Questions regarding your tuition bill should be directed to Accounts Receivable (504-865-5368 or 800-798-7633) or via e-mail (acctrec@tulane.edu). You can pay your bill:


  • Online through Gibson Online http://gibson.tulane.edu
  • By phone
  • Via wire transfer
  • Credit card payment is also accepted by phone with PHONECHARGE at (877) 605-7646 (subject to a convenience fee). Paying Via Gibson
  • The most efficient and timely way to make a payment to your account is to pay online through the Netpay link on Gibson, charging your checking or savings account.
  • Checking or savings account payments are received automatically Monday through Friday and there are no convenience fees added.
  • Tulane accepts MasterCard, American Express and Discover card credit card payments made online through Netpay.
  • There is a convenience fee assessed for all credit card transactions.
  • Accounts Receivable does not accept office payments or by phone.
  • Checks or money orders should be mailed to: Bursar’s Office #1685 Tulane University 35 McAlister Drive New Orleans, La. 70118-5645

NOTE: If you do send a check, please write your name and student ID number on the check or include it with your payment. Please do not mail cash payments. Do not send tuition payments to the Law School.

Financial Aid

Please reference this information from 2019 to estimate your total expenses. The Summer Abroad Cost of Attendance 2020 information will become available in mid-March. You must enroll in at least a half-time basis according to your school in order to apply for federal loans. According to Tulane Law School’s Academic Services Office, this is 5 hours during the summer. If you will enroll in less than 5 hours, non-federal alternative loans may be an option for you.

Please note, if you do not subsequently complete the credit hours for which you initially register, you may be liable for the immediate repayment of loan funds to the lender. There are no scholarships or tuition waivers available through Tulane Law School for summer programs abroad.



Complete a Summer Addendum form as soon as possible, but no later than June 12, 2020.

Complete the appropriate loan application:
If you will be enrolled in at least 5 credit hours, complete the 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
If you will be enrolled in less than 5 credit hours, apply for a private (non-federal) loan.

• MUST submit, at least two weeks prior to the start of the program, a proof of enrollment letter from your current law school verifying that you are in good standing. We are unable to award credits for any course until we receive a letter of good standing from your institution.
• Contact the financial aid office at your home school to find out about their summer financial aid procedures and timeline.
• Your financial aid office will likely send our office a “consortium agreement.” A consortium agreement is a document completed by both Tulane and your home school, and includes the budget information for your program, so that your home school can determine what you can borrow.
• Requests for "consortium agreements" and budget information will be processed beginning in March by Tulane Law School’s Financial Aid Office after you submit a program application enrolling in at least 3 credit hours.
• Consortium agreements should be sent to the following address:

Office of Financial Aid Weinmann Hall, Ste. 155
6329 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Fax number: 504-865-6710

Financial Aid Contact: Sheila Bauer, Law School Financial Aid Associate Director


  • Be aware of the disbursement timing and requirements to keep summer aid. In some cases, schools or lenders may not disburse loan proceeds until the start of the program you are attending.
  • If you receive financial aid for courses which you do not complete, your loan may be canceled or your loan amount may be billed back to you and returned to your lender.
  • Because of the early start dates for some of our summer programs abroad, it is likely that your loan proceeds will be unavailable in time for your departure. It is important that you have some other source of funds to "tide you over" until the loan proceeds become available to you.
  • It is important that you make arrangements for someone to pay your bills at home while you are abroad so that your credit history is not blemished as a result of your absence.
  • Even if you are receiving financial aid, finance charges will be incurred if payment is not received by the payment deadline. Although deposit billing is initially handled by the Academic Services Office at Tulane Law School, the Tulane University Accounts Receivable Office finalizes billing, and will assess finance charges for those registrants who have unpaid balances after payment deadlines have passed. The finance charge is less than 2% per month, assessed directly by the Accounts Receivable Office. Questions regarding your tuition bill should be directed to Accounts Receivable (504-865-5368 or 800-798-7633) or via e-mail (acctrec@tulane.edu).
What is Included?

Tuition and Fees include course registration and materials, excursions, social events and some banquet meals.

Students are responsible for arranging travel, room and board.