A summer gig in sports law? Tulane Law students learning from the best

Each spring, Tulane Law students spend time networking and interviewing for highly sought-after jobs in the sports industry. A summer working around top industry executives means hands-on skills training, access to those already working in the field and sussing out a career possibilities. It also means connecting with mentors and gaining access to those who could help you land a dream job post-law school.

Here's what just a few Tulane Sports Law Program students are up to this summer:

Lily Argyle

Legal Intern, Orangetheory Fitness  

In my current role, I've reviewed current company policies and agreements, conducted research for pending litigation, and tracked potential infringement of the company's intellectual property. I've had the opportunity to work with our Data Privacy Senior Counsel on data privacy compliance with state laws, and I've helped our Franchise Senior Counsel review agreements for issues related to upcoming studio transfers and recently-passed legislation. Outside of work, I've participated in Orangetheory workouts (including the monthly legal team workout!) and am enjoying the summer intern program's workshops and networking lunches. 

I'm most excited to be working with a large in-house team of attorneys who have diverse professional interests and backgrounds. I'm also looking forward to the summer intern competitive workout at the end of the program. 

Tulane Sports Law's mentorship program matched me with some amazing people who helped me better understand the path toward becoming General Counsel. In pursuit of that goal, I was encouraged by members of Tulane Sports Law to pursue an in-house internship in the sports industry. I was lucky enough to land this role and to know another Tulane Law student who previously held the same position—so he and my mentors gave me some great advice on how to make the most of this summer!

Nicholas Brown

Legal Intern, Altius Sports Partners 

As a member of the in-house team at ASP, I assist the General Counsel in helping provide NIL-related legal advice to the other members so that they can effectively oversee and maintain the client relationships we have with numerous universities and brand partners. To do so, I am continuously keeping up to date with all the changing NIL laws and regulations at the federal, state, and school level. Responsibilities include compiling running lists of NIL bills, drafting and distributing memos when new policy is created, and reviewing client contracts. 

Working in the NIL space has been a goal of mine for almost five years now- it’s partly what led me to Tulane Law in the first place. While I’m excited about most aspects of the role, I probably get the most enjoyment out of taking part in team meetings and being able to give my input on legal matters. Not only do I learn a ton from these meetings, as I get an in-depth view of how schools and brands are grappling with the changing NIL landscape directly from ASP coworkers who are on-site across the country, but also my sports law background allows me to offer guidance and solutions to problems they face on campus. 

It’s hard to overstate the role Tulane Law played in helping me land this internship. Firstly, I owe almost everything I know about the sports law world to Professor Gabe Feldman, who is also a partner and educational consultant at ASP. Without his instruction, I wouldn’t have had this solid grasp and background on this new age of college athletics that ultimately led me to get this position. Additionally, Tulane’s Sports Law program is generally considered the best in the U.S. for a reason. Our events, resources, and people all contributed to helping me understand the urgent need for NIL-based consulting services, of which Altius Sports Partners is second to none.

Brendan Garfinkel

Summer Associate, Legal, Excel Sports Management

My work involves drafting, reviewing, and negotiating talent agreements, and helping my team and the company strategize about legal matters. It's been a great experience to be able to work with a diverse group of talent, brands, and properties and learning every day from all of the employees at the company.

Professor Feldman and Tulane Sports Law’s alumni network have been very supportive of my professional goals and have provided a great group of mentors for me to consult, learn from, and receive advice about how to best navigate and work in the sports industry, and accomplish my dreams while pursuing my passion. Tulane Sports Law has provided me with many opportunities within sports that have allowed me to discover more about the industry such as taking Professor Feldman’s sports focused classes and being a member of the Sports Law Society’s executive board for the past three years, a member of the Sports Lawyers Journal, a member of the Tulane Professional Basketball Negotiation Competition’s executive board, and an attendee of the 2024 Sports Lawyers Association conference, the Tulane Entertainment and Sports Law conference, and to take part in the Tulane Sports Law alumni advisory board meeting.

My favorite part of Professor Feldman’s classes are when we talk about current legal issues in the sports industry that affect our careers as well as the industry now and in the future, and hearing his insights on the topic areas, which help shape my personal and professional perspectives on recent legal developments in sports.

Ella Gisclair

Legal Intern, Athletes First

In my new role, I have the opportunity to read through and edit various types of contracts.  I have mostly worked with player endorsement agreements and various forms of coaching contracts. My work is predominantly initial redline edits prior to the final product. 

I'm most excited about real-world experience with contracts in sports.  Getting my hands on authentic NFL documents or agency agreements has been a challenge on my own. I've loved having the opportunity to read, study, edit, and learn from both active and developing contracts.

Tulane Sports Law introduced me to the International Pro Football Negotiation Competition hosted at Tulane.  This, in turn, allowed me to have the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing people in the industry, including the competition's founder, and future industry leaders. This competition allowed me to explore what I wanted to delve into over the summer in addition to introducing me to the CEO of the company I am now with. 

Griffin Gumm

Basketball Operations Intern, Roc Nation

I am aiding in the strategic processes of contract negotiations. In this role, I conduct extensive research on NBA player contracts and the details leading up to their finalization so that our clients receive fair contracts this offseason. Additionally, this position requires me to review and outline language found in the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement that is relevant for success between all parties involved in a negotiation. 

I am most excited about understanding how NBA rosters are built and why player contracts are structured the way they are. I came to Tulane Law School for the Sports Law Program. Since I was about 10 years old, my dream has been to become an NBA or NFL general manager. In pursuit of this dream, Tulane Sports Law and Tulane Law School as a whole, has gifted me with the presence of tremendous people. The scholarly resources are fantastic, but the people are what make Tulane Law great. 

Through the great competitions and other events put on by Tulane Sports Law, I spoke with numerous alumni that are in positions they strove for after pushing through the rigors of law school. Specifically, alumni Jon Phelps, Chris Robinson, and Tim Edwards have provided me with a blueprint to reach this role and hopefully my dream in the future.

Julia Harter

Legal Intern, Los Angeles Clippers

As legal intern, I assist the in-house legal team in drafting agreements and resolving legal issues for the Clippers, Kia Forum, and the new Intuit Dome that will be opening later this summer.  I am most excited about the opportunity to contribute to projects centered around the opening of a professional sports arena as significant as the Intuit Dome; and of course, getting to spend the summer in Los Angeles!

I landed this job by connecting with Jenn Lewis (L'98), General Counsel of the Clippers) through Tulane Sports Law events during the school year like the Women in Sports Law Symposium (WiSLS) and the Entertainment and Sports Law Conference. The legal intern position for the Clippers became available and was posted to the Tulane career site and I was able to apply from there.

Ryane Mejia

Legal Sports Intern, Jason Glushon, Glushon Sports Management 

This summer, I'll be under the direct mentorship of Jason Glushon, ranked as the 7th top-ranked NBA agent in the world. My responsibilities will include diving deep into agency operations—from mastering the rules of the CBA and contract analysis to creating depth charts, analyzing and redlining agreements, conducting player comparisons, and securing branding deals for our clients.

I'm particularly thrilled to learn from a dynamic agent who built his agency from scratch. Jason's humility and mentorship are invaluable to me. This internship is a dream opportunity, aligning perfectly with my career goals of becoming a sports agent and attorney, and reshaping the futures of athletes.

Tulane University Law School, particularly the Sports Law Program guided by Professor Gabe Feldman and Eric Blevins, has been pivotal in preparing me for this role. They've empowered me to pursue my passion and equipped me with the skills in sports analytics, mock negotiation competitions, and overall confidence to excel in this internship.

Chase Nechodom

Salary Cap and Contracts Intern, Athletes First 

 This summer I am analyzing recent NFL contracts to identify emerging market patterns, which will guide decision-making in both current and future contract negotiations. This entails examining specific team trends, future salary cap projections, past draft performance, free agency patterns and how statistical performance is driving contract terms. I am also reviewing contract language to identify inconsistencies that can be utilized during contract negotiations to achieve better outcomes for our clients. By combining detailed statistical performance with analysis of evolving contract provisions, I am leveraging data insights to craft strategic offers used in negotiations with NFL teams.

 I am excited to deepen my understanding of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement and apply my insights to support agents in contract negotiations. Athletes First agents consistently negotiate record-setting contracts, including Antoine Winfield Jr.'s recent 4-year, $84.1 million-dollar contract which made him the highest-paid Defensive Back in NFL History – I am thrilled to be learning from some of the brightest in the industry.

Tulane Sports Law Society's Mentorship Program connected me with NFLPA Certified Agent, Harrison Smith (L'16), whose advice and guidance were instrumental in helping me secure my internship. During the spring semester, after advancing to the Quarterfinals in Tulane's Professional Football Negotiation Competition alongside my negotiation partner, Ella Gisclair (L'26), I was fortunate to receive an offer to join Athletes First.

Jayla Pruitt

Tulane Athletics Compliance Intern, Tulane Athletics NCAA Compliance

In my new role as a Tulane Athletics Compliance Intern, I am responsible for supporting the compliance department in ensuring that our athletic programs adhere to NCAA regulations, conference rules, and university policies. This includes monitoring recruiting activities, eligibility, amateurism, financial aid, and playing/practice seasons. I will also assist in researching and resolving compliance issues as they arise.

This summer, I am most excited about gaining hands-on experience in athletics compliance and collaborating with seasoned professionals in college athletics. I look forward to delving into the complexities of NCAA regulations and seeing how they are applied in real-world scenarios. Additionally, I am eager to contribute to the behind-the-scenes efforts that ensure Tulane’s Athletic Programs kick off the 2024-2025 school year successfully. My interest in Labor & Employment law, which similarly involves governing rules and regulations for groups of people, complements my compliance role. Therefore, I’m excited that working for Tulane Athletics Compliance will deepen my understanding of regulatory work.

Tulane Sports Law played a crucial role in my decision to pursue this position by exposing me to the vast opportunities available in the sports industry. Initially, I entered law school with the goal of becoming a sports agent. However, after my first year and several networking opportunities, I discovered the many different career paths within sports law. This broadened my aspirations beyond agency work. 

Tulane Sports Law excels in bringing in diverse professionals from various sectors of the sports industry, providing students with the chance to gain valuable experience and make connections across multiple areas of sports law. This exposure and networking were instrumental in helping me secure my role as a Tulane Athletics Compliance Intern.

D.J. Taylor

Legal Intern in the Labor Relations Department, MLB

Although most of my work is confidential, I am conducting legal research to produce memoranda addressing collective bargaining issues. I am also generating reports analyzing historical player/club performance statistics, club personnel transactions, published accounts, and internal records for player grievance proceedings. 

I was able to take part in a Mock Salary Arbitration Hearing during this summer, which is what I am most excited about. As someone who served as a bailiff last semester for Tulane's International Baseball Arbitration Competition and is interested in competing this upcoming year, it was a great experience to partake in a mock salary arbitration hearing.

The Tulane Sports Law Program is the main reason why I earned this role; my direct supervisor is a Tulane Law alumna who also went through the program and reached out when she needed an intern for the summer.    

Konstantino Velis 

Legal Intern, The Tournament

At The Tournament, I will be helping ensure that all contracts are up to the necessary standard, while also helping in compliance and risk management-related issues. I am excited to work for a company that is expanding at a rapid rate, to learn from the minds behind the innovative concept that the Tournament created, and to create new networking opportunities through my time here.


Through Tulane’s Sports Law Mentorship Program I was able to meet one of the co-founders and head legal counsel of the company, Dan Friel, who is also a Tulane alum. Getting to know Dan over the course of my first year and now working with him this summer has been both an enjoyable experience and an educational one and I have Tulane’s Sports Law Society to thank for that.