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Tulane Legal Assistance Program (TULAP)

Immigration Counseling


TULAP is a legal services program funded by the Tulane University Associated Student Body.  They provide free legal advice and low-cost representation to current Tulane University students, staff, and faculty.  Recently TULAP has added an immigration program to their already existing civil and criminal programs.

Working under the direct supervision of an attorney, law students at TULAP’s Immigration Consultation program provides legal assistance sessions bimonthly during the semesters, and provides a free initial consultation to individuals seeking immigration advice. Consultations are confidential as mandated by lawyers’ professional code. All Tulane staff, faculty and students seeking immigration advice are welcome to make an appointment with TULAP.

TULAP provides free legal advice and low-cost representation to current Tulane University students, staff, and faculty. If you are undocumented, have DACA, have F, J, H, TN or any other nonimmigrant status, are a lawful permanent resident or even a citizen with an immigration question, you are welcome to make an appointment. Tulanians in F, J, H, or TN status are welcome to seek immigration counsel at TULAP; however, it is generally recommended that they bring their questions regarding these statuses to OISS first. Examples of cases that fall outside the scope of OISS include DACA, Green Card or citizenship applications, work authorization, lack of immigration status, and any other immigration concerns that might affect you or your family members. For more information about when to seek advice from the OISS vs. TULAP’s Immigration Legal Assistance Program, please read this FAQ. You can make an appointment by clicking here.

Our hours are Fridays from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. During the summer, the Immigration Program will not conduct consultations on the Tulane campus. Instead, the Tulane community is asked to contact Marco Balducci's office at (504) 708-5400 or to email him at marco@peltonbalducci.com and to indicate that they are requesting a consultation through TULAP. Otherwise, they may be instructed to pay a consultation fee.

TULAP also provides free notarial services and information regarding legal rights.