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With support from a nearly $1 million gift from the Stanton Foundation, Tulane Law School launched a First Amendment Clinic in the Fall of  2020. Clinic students represent clients seeking to vindicate First Amendment rights of speech, the press, to petition and assembly under the supervision of faculty mentors.

Clinic – First Amendment

This course is a litigation and advocacy component in which students, under supervision, represent clients in matters involving the First Amendment “expressive” clauses, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and access to the courts. Students may handle matters involving public protest and dissent, student speech, artistic expression, intimidations of members of the media, and much more. Students may draft motions, pleadings, discovery requests, and briefs; conduct depositions; argue motions; negotiate settlements and/or try cases in state and federal court. Student attorneys have professional responsibility for clients and handle all aspects of cases from the initial client interview through fact investigation and discovery, then to trial. Additionally, students may engage in non-litigation advocacy on behalf of clinic clients. Must be taken in conjunction with First Amendment Seminar. Students are selected on the basis of an. Full year only, 3 credits in the fall and 3 credits in the spring. A rule penalizing students for lack of preparation and/or excessive absenteeism will be invoked.





Katie Schwartzmann

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First Amendment Constitutional Law

Litigation & Procedure

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