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Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Selected Publications

The Fizzy Experiment: Second Life, Virtual Property and a 1L Property Course, 24 SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGH TECH L. J. 915 (2008) (co-authored with Rachel Goda)

Unpublished Work and the Public Domain: The Opening of a New Frontier, 54 J. Copyright Society of the U.S.A. (Winter 2007)

Podcasting for Corporations and Universities—Look Before You Leap (invited, co-authored with Colette Vogele), J. Internet Law (October 2006)

The Birth of the Unpublished Public Domain and the International Implications, 24 Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J. (2006)

NAFTA, Mexican Trucks and the Border: Making Sense of Years of International Arbitration, Domestic Debates, and the Supreme Court, 31 Transportation L.J. 131 (Spring-Summer 2004)

Legal and Policy Responses to the Disappearing ‘Teacher Exception,’ or Copyright Ownership in the 21st Century University, 4 Minn. Intell. Prop. Rev. 209 (2003)

General Publications

Innovation Profile (hour-long interview), Law School Innovation Blog, July 14, 2007,

Invited Guest, “The State of Play Academy,” Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School, Spring 2007

Guest Blogger (with Rachel Goda), Terra Nova, April 2007,

Hour-Long Guest, “Hearsay Culture” Radio Show with David Levine, Stanford, October 2006

Reconstructing Vera Brittain’s War Generation: A Comparative Biography.  (UMI: 1998) [doctoral dissertation]

Ready for Adventures: Oral History Transcript 1996, Margaret H. Jones-Kanaar, a Pioneer Pediatrician, interviewed by Elizabeth Townsend, (Los Angeles: Oral History Program, University of California, Los Angeles, 1996) (a nine-part interview)

E-Commerce Business Websites, co-written with Whitney Thier, Quirk and Tratos Newsletter, Fall 2000

Common Ground of War: The Clinician and Cultural Historian in Symbiosis, National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Quarterly, Spring 1996

Postmodernism and Biography: A Dialogue, co-written with Elizabeth Covington, UCLA Historical Journal, 1995

This is the World I Create: Gender and Current First World War Scholarship, UCLA Historical Journal, 1994