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Robert St. Martin Westley
  • LOCHEF Professor of Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • rwestley@tulane.edu
  • Weinmann Hall, Room 259-G
  • 504.862.8801

Selected Publications

Restitution Claims for Wrongful Enslavement and the Doctrine of the Master’s Good Faith, in The Social and Legal Construction of Whiteness: An Interdisciplinary Analysis (University of Mississippi Press, 2016).

Restitution Claims for Wrongful Enslavement and the Doctrine of the Master’s Good Faith, 3 Br. J. Am. Leg. Studies, (2014)

Constitutional Formalism Denies Aid to Legal Immigrants, JURIST - Forum, March 17, 2012, http://jurist.org/forum/2012/03/robert-westley-pimentel-php. Can Affirmative Action and Reparations Co-Exist? Univ. of Miami Black L. Rev. (2009).

Sexual Orientation, 4 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 389 (2008).

What Would Make Atticus Finch Flinch? 1 FAMU L. Rev. 91 (2006).

The Accursed Share: Genealogy, Temporality, and the Problem of Value in Black Reparations Discourse, 92 Representations 81 (Fall 2005).

Foreword: Bridging the Public/Private Law Divide in African-American Reparations Discourse, 55 Rutgers L. Rev. 2 (Winter 2003).

Reparations and Symbiosis: Reclaiming the Remedial Focus, 71 UMKC L. Rev. 419 (Winter 2002).

Critical Race Coalitions: Key Movements that Performed the Theory, 33 UC Davis L. Rev. 1377 (2000) (co-authored with Sumi Cho).

First-Time Encounters: “Passing” Revisited and Demystification as a Critical Practice, 18 Yale Journal of Law and Social Policy 297 (2000).

LatCrit Theory and the Problematics of Internal/External Oppression: A Comparison of Forms of Oppression and InterGroup/IntraGroup Solidarity, 53 Univ. of Miami L. Rev. 761 (July 1999).

Many Billions Gone: Is it Time to Reconsider The Case for Black Reparations, XL Boston College Law Review 429 (1998).

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White Normativity and the Racial Rhetoric of Equal Protection, in EXISTENCE IN BLACK: AN ANTHOLOGY OF BLACK EXISTENTIAL PHILOSOPHY edited by Lewis R. Gordon (New York and London: Routledge, 1996).