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Why Choose TLS Abroad?

Why Study Abroad?


Tulane Law School was one of the first five schools in the United States to offer a foreign summer law program and has been offering them continuously for 45 years. Our experience, our partnerships with major universities and law faculties around the world and our outstanding faculty ensure successful programs year after year. We believe that taken collectively, or individually, Tulane’s summer law programs are among the best offered by any ABA accredited school.

World Renowned Faculty Experts

Tulane Law’s summer abroad faculty are renowned experts in their field. Our programs draw talented instructors from around the world to provide students with the best education possible. If you need letters of recommendation in the future, these will certainly stand out!

Résumé Builder

Whether you are pursuing a career in a particular area of law or want to study something outside of your regular courses, Tulane Law’s summer program curriculum is structured to provide students from all academic backgrounds with the opportunity to delve into a specialized area of the law. Courses are taught by field experts in a location that applies classroom content first-hand through unique program excursions. This global experience is a unique addition to any law resume.

Network Across the Country and Around the World

Summer program students connect to an incredible professional network of prestigious faculty, practitioners and US and international law students.

Competitive Tuition

The cost of each tuition credit is $750-$900 per credit, which is very competitive among US summer law programs. Some of the programs also offer affordable housing options. Please see Tuition & Fees for more detailed information.

Internships and Other Opportunities


Some of our Tulane Law summer programs offer invaluable internship opportunities in private law firms, multinational companies, courts, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations. These experiences provide students with practical applications of their academic programs, integration into the legal culture of another country, and exceptional networking opportunities.

Internships are only available to students who successfully complete the associated academic portion of the summer law program.

For more details and to apply, please visit our Internships Page.

Directed Research

If you would like to pursue additional credits, you may be eligible to earn 1-3 credits through directed research with your program director. You must receive credit approval from your home institution and you will be required to write a 30-35 page law review quality paper. Please contact the Director of your program to further discuss this option.

Tulane Students Only - Pro Bono and Summer Externships.

Pro Bono is allowed with an approved placement by the Office of Experiential Learning and Public Interest Programs. Students must have the proposed organization complete the Pro Bono Service Provider application.

Summer Externship placements are permitted as long as the Office of Experiential Learning and Public Interest Programs can vet the opportunity and the student submits a timely SummerApp (between March 14 - April 14). The SummerApp information appears on Tulane Law School's intranet page and will be advertised throughout the law building.

For more information on Pro Bono or Summer Externships, please contact the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Tonya Jupiter, at tjupiter@tulane.edu.

Travel Before You Graduate!

Post-graduation is an exciting time for students to begin their law career. Whether you decide to stay stateside or pursue an international opportunity, Tulane’s summer programs offer the chance to travel to an amazing destination before you start your career. Tulane Law’s summer programs are structured to allow students to explore on evenings and weekends. Of course, there are always opportunities for personal travel before and after your summer program. Cross off more of those bucket list items!

Student Testimonials

(Please also see student reviews on each program page)

“The experience is one I would gladly endorse to other law students. The curriculum was engaging. The focus was educational and positive with practical examples and experiences shared. The diversity allowed learning from multiple perspectives. The global environment can only enhance your preparation as a practitioner in law and your appreciation, internationally, for the profession.”
-Perry Spann
Berlin 2016

“The Tulane Summer program in Cultural Heritage Law is a fantastic program for heritage professionals who really want to better understand international law-- taught by the best in the field! The Provenance Research module was especially informative and timely.”
-Colette Loll
Siena 2018

“The Cambridge program is a wonderful experience that I can't recommend highly enough. The University of Cambridge itself is so beautiful and historic, and it was amazing to have class at Trinity College every day. Cambridge is very walk-able with lots of great pubs and shops where my classmates and I would go to hang out most afternoons. One of my favorite parts of every day was the walk back to Burrell's Field from the main Trinity College grounds. There's a lane bordered by trees on each side that really feels like walking back in time through an enchanted forest. I really felt like I was immersed in such a storied, special, and historic place. And if you want to go exploring in the city, London is about an hour train ride away. The classes themselves were super enjoyable and topical, and I found the professors to be engaging and excited about class. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study comparative immigration law and the EU during the ongoing Brexit process. Overall studying abroad in Cambridge was not only a great academic decision but gave me some great friendships and amazing memories that I know I'll carry with me forever!“
-Audrey E. Martin
Cambridge 2019

Audrey Martin

“I was advised to go for Summer abroad. Initially, my answer was a no, I felt it was going to be boring, but as the days went by, I gave it a thought, discussed with my family, and decided to go for the program in Cambridge-England.

I must say, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I had an amazing time in Cambridge, made new friends, studied a lot of different things and had loads of fun.

Our visits to the Royal Courts of England, special lunch with the legal fraternity at the inner temple, real court room experience, punting, special tea time in the Orchard garden, etc were a few of the spectacular events.

All in all, Cambridge summer abroad helped my academics, it made me have a closer relationship with some of my professors and hence found them more approachable and down to earth.

I will say it was one of the best decisions of my life and I have no regrets whatsoever, I would love to do Summer Abroad over and over again.

Thank you Tulane University, thank you International Legal Programs Office for such a wonderful life changing experience.”
-Elizabeth Boateng
Cambridge 2019

Elizabeth Boateng