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Paris Program

Paris Program

Tulane Law School and The Sorbonne (University of Paris II), welcomes you to our summer program in Paris. The program is designed for law school students, with a curriculum focused on French and European Union legal studies.

Program Dates: May 31– June 16, 2023

Please see detailed information on our Internship Application Page.


The program is an accredited program for students who seek to understand the global dimensions of today’s world. The Tulane-Paris Institute is a highly prestigious summer program. Indeed it is the oldest, continuously-operating American summer program (since 1973) in France.

Our courses provide a broad overview of Europe today: The classes are taught by an internationally renowned faculty drawn from the Tulane faculty and the Sorbonne faculty.

As an additional feature, the Institute offers an exciting, educational excursion by train to the EU institutions in Brussels. More details below.

Program Host Institution
For more than nine centuries the name Sorbonne has conjured up for the whole world the image of one of the most prestigious centers of intelligence and culture, of science and of the arts, of an age-old knowledge that spans the centuries and one that resounds to this day with the promise of excellence. The faculty of the Tulane summer program is mainly drawn from experts in European law who presently teach or previously taught at the Sorbonne. Classes are taught in English at the Sorbonne’s Center for Comparative Law (Centre français de droit comparé), which is located in the 7th arrondissement on Rue St. Guillaume, just off Boulevard St. Germain, in one of the most beautiful and fashionable areas of Paris.

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Courses and Materials

Student may enroll in up to four credits for the Paris Program.

Products Liability in Europe and France
Professor Jean-Sébastien Borghetti, University of the Sorbonne (Paris II)
(one credit)

This course will examine Europe’s and France’s laws that deal with liability for defective and dangerous products. It will explore the great issues, the latest developments, and the famous cases of liability in Europe. It will also focus upon the important EU Products Liability Directive of 1985 and the implementation of that Directive by EU members, as well its projected reform to address the challenges raised by artificial intelligence.

An Introduction to European Union Law and Institutions
Professor Joerg Fedtke, Tulane University Law School
(one credit)

This course will examine the European Union’s unique legal system. It will look at the legal nature and sources of EU law as well as its relationship with the national law of the EU Member States. It will identify and explain in outline the main institutions, notably the functions of the European Council, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament, the Commission, and the Court of Justice. It will also cover the most relevant EU law enforcement actions including state liability issues for breach of EU law as well as the jurisdiction of both European Courts and relevant remedies in national courts.

Competition Law Across the Atlantic
The Honorable Ian Forrester, Q.C.
(one credit)

This course presents a review of the seminal cases in European competition law and the common antitrust goals that shaped them. The course is taught by a leading practitioner of competition law and a former (British) judge of the General Court of the European Union.

National Courts and Constitutions in the European Integration System
Professor Markus Puder, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
(one credit)

This course examines the role of the national courts and the constitutions of the Member States within the European integration system under the auspices of the European Union. We will discuss a selection of decisions handed down by the highest national courts in the intersection of the European Union’s integration law and the constitutional laws of the Member States. Some of these decisions showcase the national courts in what appears to be a cooperative mode. Others have been characterized as veritable challenges to the core tenets and agents of European law as embodied by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Throughout our discussions, we will endeavor to pair up national and European case law with regard to a particular theme.


Program Schedule & Certificates
Student who successfully complete two or more credit hours will receive the Institute’s Diploma, and those who complete a directed internship will receive the Institute’s Certificate. Course Schedule: All courses meet at the Center for Comparative Law, 28 rue St. Guillaume, Paris 75007, Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change..

Course Materials
Login information for course materials are sent to students prior to the program. Printed copies will be available upon arrival in Paris. There is no need to print the materials before arriving in Paris. Materials are included in your tuition and fees.


A maximum of 40 students will be accepted to the Paris program. We recommend applying early in order to secure your space in the program.


There are no program accommodations offered through the Paris program, however please utilize the Paris Housing Recommendations, which includes suggested names of hotels, hostels, and apartments at various price ranges (please note this information is continuously being updated).

For 2023, we have blocked double rooms at Foyer International des Etudiantes! It is located at 93 Bd. St. Michel, Paris 75006. The residence is located just one mile (1.7 km) away from the Institute. For a double room, it was (in 2021) 34 Euro per night, breakfast included – 612 € (34€ x 18 nights). Enrolled students will be provided with information to book one of these double rooms with the Foyer directly. The Foyer will need to receive room reservations by early May, 2023. Please note that the Foyer provides pillows, blankets or duvets and sheets, but not towels https://www.fie.fr/en/rooms/.

To connect with other students in your program and possibly coordinate roommates, please join the program's Facebook group 2023 Tulane Law Summer in Paris!


Program benefits are enhanced by the unique cultural riches of Paris. Afternoons include guided visits to an array of Parisian institutions, many of which are inaccessible to visitors and tourists. Excursion expenses are included in your tuition.

*The Paris Program incorporates a day excursion to Europe's capital - Brussels. Activities include a briefing session with the EU Institution representatives (Parliament and Commission).

A calendar of all activities will be provided closer to the start of the program. Afternoon excursion examples from previous programs include:

  • The International Chamber of Commerce
  • The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)
  • The Cour de Cassation (French Supreme Court)
  • The French National Assembly
  • Paris museums, such as the Louvre and the Museé D’Orsay.
Arrival and Departure

Students should plan to arrive by late afternoon on Wednesday, May 31 and depart no earlier than the evening of Friday, June 16. There will be an orientation dinner in early evening on Wednesday May 31. Final exams will be held on Friday June 16 during the regular class times, followed by a Farewell Drink together. Please note that final exams cannot be rescheduled.

Students are responsible for all travel expenses and are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance. We recommend researching ticket prices early from a few travel search engines to find the most competitive prices.

Bringing Family
Family members and friends are cordially invited to participate in all activities except the academic courses.

U.S. citizens do not require a visa due to the short time period you will be abroad. International students should check with the appropriate embassy or consulate to ascertain whether a visa is necessary.

The Paris Program is conducted entirely in English. Fluency in English is a prerequisite for all students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to acquire basic French language skills before arriving in France.

Letter From The Director

Dear Students,

For those of you who may be thinking at this moment about a good summer program abroad you might like to attend, I would like to draw your attention to three things about the Paris program which make it unique and especially inviting:

First, the program offers the opportunity to interact with a group of expert faculty, which is second to none, with a superb lineup of offerings on French and European Legal Studies.

Second, as exclusive features of the program, we are offering an exciting day trip by train to Brussels to visit the key bureaus and institutions of the European Union and to hear lectures on these institutions from experts in Brussels. All expenses for this trip are included in your tuition.

Third, we have Paris…an experience unto itself that you will always remember.

So I hope you will consider joining us.

Best wishes,

Vernon Palmer
Director, Paris Institute of European Legal Studies
Vernon Valentine Palmer
Thomas Pickles Professor of Law,
Co-Director, Eason Weinmann Center for International and Comparative Law

Student Reviews


  • I would highly recommend this program! I think it was my favorite experience of my entire academic career. It was incredible to learn from such talented, passionate professors in such an amazing city. The student-teacher ratio really enables you to get to know your professors and dive into the subject material. And Paris is incredible!
  • Seriously, do not pass up this opportunity! This is my favorite academic experience I've ever had.
  • Take this course! The professors, courses, and Paris make it all so worth it.
  • This is a once in a lifetime experience I will cherish forever both professionally and personally!
  • DO IT! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


  • It was such an amazing opportunity take courses from experts in the field from different backgrounds. After the 1L introduction courses, I was so excited to finally dive into more specialized topics. We were so lucky to have our program coordinator who gave us all our materials and made everything a breeze!
  • I got to learn about a new area of law that I was not familiar with before! I feel as if I have a much greater understanding of the global legal market from the coursework. All of the professors are extremely well accredited and also very good teachers. The student-teacher ratio was really conducive to a great learning environment. I feel lucky to have been a part of it!
  • I really enjoyed Professor Borghetti's class! He is an exceptional teacher and story teller which always made his class very interesting and engaging. I definitely feel like I walked away with a good grasp on European products liability.
  • I really enjoyed Professor Palmer's class and learning about France's unique legal system. You can tell that Professor Palmer is very passionate about the subject area and this comes across in his teaching.
  • For an Introduction to the EU, Professor Fedke's class was perfect! I felt like I walked away with a decent grasp on what the EU is and how it works. Professor Fedke is also very passionate about this subject area, and this showed in his teaching!
  • Professor Forrester had so much first hand experience in what he was teaching us it gave a really good edge to the class.
  • All the professor were pros on what they were teaching. It was impressive.
  • All of the professors were great and made such short courses intriguing and balanced. As this was my fourth time studying abroad, I have never enjoyed the classes and professors more than on this trip. All were passionate about the subjects and easy to get to know over the three weeks.


  • The Brussels excursion was a phenomenal day trip, the lecturers and tours were once in a lifetime opportunities.
  • The visit to the Conseil d'État was really great being able to see where and how they make laws in France. Additionally the trip to Brussels of course was such an unforgettable opportunity!
  • I loved everything, but if I had to choose a favorite aspect of the program, probably the excursions! For example, we got to tour the French Supreme Court and receive a presentation from a retired judge and then ask him questions. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! It was so cool and definitely revived my passion for the law.
  • My favorite excursion was probably the trip to Belgium to visit the European Union facilities. It was SO cool to see! And all of the speakers were extremely informative. I don’t have a least favorite excursion! I loved them all.


  • The recommended student Hostel was in a great location, safe and very affordable.
  • I was able to find an apartment in Paris that served all of my needs.
  • I found convenient housing close to the institution the program was being taught at.
  • Try to book early! The farther in advance you try to book the better. I personally found Airbnb to be really expensive - however, if you do choose to book through Airbnb, ask the host if they would be willing to provide you with a discount due to the length of your stay. Don't be worried if the apartment you find is not directly near where classes are held - Paris is very easily navigable via the public transit, and I had no problem getting around via the metro or bus. There are various websites and Facebook pages related to Paris apartment rentals and sublets that you may find useful if you choose not to book with Airbnb.
  • cité universitaire
  • airbnb
  • vrbo
  • lodgis
  • le bon coin

Beneficial to Career?

  • Yes! Prior to the program, I was very focused on local U.S./Louisiana/New Orleans law and career opportunities. This program opened my eyes to the global legal market.
  • Yes because I learned more about topics I hope to specialize in throughout my law school journey.
  • Yes! Studying in Paris is something I will discuss with employers and the boost in GPA doesn’t hurt!
  • Yes! Studying in Paris is something I will discuss with employers and the boost in GPA doesn’t hurt!

Travel & Food Recommendations (these recommendations are based on previous years and subject to availability)

  • Sainte-Chapelle Marché Aux Puces Saint-Ouen Orangerie
  • Restaurants:
  • Le Servan 32 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris
  • La grande mosquée de Paris 2bis Pl. du Puits de l'Ermite, 75005 (you can eat or just get tea)
  • robert et louise 64 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75003 Paris
  • les deux cigales (the best tartares) 8 Rue Bréa, 75006 Paris
  • 5ème Cru 7 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005)
  • Chez Rene 14 Bd Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris Best croissants: La maison d'Isabelle (47ter Bd Saint-Germain, 5e)
Tuition & Fees (What’s Included)
Please see the Tuition & Fees Page for program rates.


  • Program Tuition
  • Excursions (including excursion transportation)
  • Course Materials (digital copies provided in advance)
  • Orientation
  • Reception
  • Emergency Evacuation Services through Tulane University
  • All Fees (facility, administrative and activity fees)
Not Included:
  • Program Housing (program housing option or recommendations provided)
  • Medical Health Insurance (optional GeoBlue option, estimate $20/week)
  • Airfare and Travel Expenses
  • Optional Excursions or Local Activities
  • Meals